How to Figure Out What Your Audience Really Thinks About You

Bruce Turkel, CEO of Turkel Brands, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss the “all about them” phenomenon and why social marketing is no longer about your client.

In This Episode:

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Bruce Turkel - InstagramThe Not-So-Hidden Truth

The social media landscape is loud and full of terrors.

Every company is jostling to set themselves apart and shout their product’s advantages from the highest social mountaintop. In the fight for attention, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the scramble for volume over strategy which will only hurt your brand in the long run.

The way to win the race is to figure out what captivating component truly sets you apart from the competition. But how to find this kernel of truth?

Bruce says it’s already there, lying in the hearts and minds of your customers. All you need to do is ask and then incorporate that asset in your storytelling.

Winning the game is not about being loud and promoting the latest and greatest product you have to offer. It’s about speaking directly to and about your customers. Telling stories that are short and focusing on your customer will engage their attention quickly and keep it just long enough for them to absorb what you are offering.

They don’t need an explanation. They just need to hear more about them.

In This Episode

  • Why the key to your marketing success is hiding in plain sight
  • How being too competitive leads to a dilution of your company’s strengths
  • Why the rise of the internet means a paradigm shift in marketing strategy
  • How not focusing on your product leads to a compelling social media campaign
  • Why social success means putting form before function


Quotes From This Episode

“These incredible ways that people can demonstrate who they are and the value they provide—what I call ‘their authentic truth’—it’s hidden in plain sight.” —@BruceTurkel

“Social media has democratized the ability to communicate in both directions.” —@BruceTurkel

“The most compelling social content focuses on customers or people who aren’t even associated with a brand.” —@jaybaer

“So many people do the function, they’ve got the toolbox, but they have no idea what they’re doing with it or why they’re doing it or how you use it.” —@BruceTurkel

“What we’re going to find out is if Justin Bieber matters or if Instagram matters.” —@BruceTurkel

“It doesn’t actually matter whether what you say is true or not, or accurate or not. What matters is the reaction it gets from the people you’re trying to reach.” —@BruceTurkel

When you’re explaining, you’re losing because people are not paying attention, and they’re not interested.” —@BruceTurkel

“All human cultures exist and grow based on story.” —@BruceTurkel

“As marketers, it’s not our job to judge whether that’s right, wrong, good or bad. It’s our job to understand it.” —@BruceTurkel

“If we spend all our time on content, then we wind up worrying only about function.” —@BruceTurkel

“People live in echo chambers.” —@BruceTurkel



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