How to Use Customer Service as Your Best Marketing Tool

Kevin Berk, Founder and CEO of ServiceGuru and Social Media Manager of 4+-star fast casual chain Pita Jungle, joins Social Pros to chat up the untapped power of truly great customer service.

In This Episode:

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Kevin Berk - InstagramTurn That Frown Upside Down

These days the expectations for customer service are at an all-time low. Even with the advent of social marketing that purports to put a personal face on an impersonal business, consumers are not confident that anybody is really listening when it comes to the dark world of complaints… which is why for every 1 person that complains, 26 customers abandon your ship with nary a word.

So, what to do with this depressing dilemma? Kevin says it’s all about your approach to customer service and how you embrace the negative. Every critique is an opportunity to create a stronger bond that can turn a single bad experience into a lifetime customer and advocate.

In This Episode

  • Why the current expectations for customer service make improvement easy
  • How properly embracing negative reviews can lead to lifetime customers and brand advocates
  • Why responding publicly to upset customers is more important than private conversations
  • How an audit of customer touch points can lead to some big changes in your business arrangement


Quotes From This Episode

“We are here to serve our customers, which means we have to go where they are and where they’re comfortable.” —@KevinJBerk

“What’s really important for us is for our guests not to think that we care, but to know that we care.” —@KevinJBerk

“Customer complaints are the petri dish for operational excellence.” —@jaybaer

“The symptom is somebody’s posting a negative review, but what’s the cause?” —@KevinJBerk

“5% of the population posts reviews, but 95% of them read reviews.” —@KevinJBerk

“Anybody who reads your response taking responsibility for that negative experience will give you a chance.” —@KevinJBerk



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