Meet the social network students crave

Meet the Social Network Students Crave

Which is more popular among high school seniors, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat?

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Meet the Social Network Students Crave

The most popular social media applications among high school students? It might surprise you.

Niche is a college and high school rankings and review site. I’m actually using it from time to time with my daughter, who’s starting to look at colleges. They published research recently where they surveyed 10,000 high school seniors about their mobile and social media preferences. The results are really quite staggering.

The number one most popular application amongst high school students that they use every day:

Facebook, 61%

This concept that we’ve talked about a lot in social media that kids don’t use Facebook is untrue. Now, the research shows that many of them are using Facebook Messenger now instead of Facebook per se, but still Facebook isn’t gone from the teen landscape.

However, the other interesting finding is that tied for first place is Instagram, also being used by 61% of high school seniors every single day.

Of course, Facebook owns Instagram, so that was a pretty smart move.

Facebook and Instagram are the number one most used applications amongst high school seniors. 

Fascinatingly enough, and I certainly have seen this in my own home with a high school student, is that the popularity of Instagram as a place that you visit every day has increased by some 32% since 2014.

Instagram usage by high school seniors increased 32% in the past year.

But here is the part that I think is actually the most interesting. 61% use Facebook every day, and 61% use Instagram every day. Sixty percent use Snapchat every day.

New research from Niche shows Snapchat's strength among high school seniors.

New research from Niche shows Snapchat’s strength among high school seniors.

But among students who use a particular application multiple times per day, number one is not Facebook. It’s not YouTube. It’s not Instagram. It’s not Twitter. It’s Snapchat.

Fifty-three percent of all high school seniors use Snapchat multiple times per day!

So, is Snapchat for everybody? Perhaps not. But if your audience skews younger, you very much need to be paying attention to this research and to the Snapchat opportunity.

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