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Why I Ended the Jay Today Show

They say that all good things must come to an end, and this is the end of Jay Today. After 150 or so episodes of the Jay Today Show, I’m packing it in. I learned a lot doing this show for the past year. 1. I definitely proved that this format works. Short video has […]

A Great Example of Helpful Marketing From an Unlikely Source

Marketing that helps is better than marketing that sells. Have you seen the commercials for Lincoln, the Lincoln Motor Company, starring Matthew McConaughey where he’s all like, “Nobody paid me to drive it. Nobody asked me to drive it. I just liked it” or whatever? (watch video to see the worst Matthew McConaughey impression ever) […]

Did LinkedIn Throw Out the Baby with the Bath Water

Is it just me, or do you really not understand what’s going on over at LinkedIn? I’ve been on record in the past as saying how smart I thought it was that LinkedIn moved from a social network for business to a content marketing platform for business. Thousands and thousands of businesspeople produce content on […]

Is Twitter the Key to Modern Customer Service

Is Twitter trying to be the most important customer service channel? Twitter has announced the rollout of the long-rumored feature of being able to send people private messages via its direct messages capability, without them following one another. As you probably know, historically in order to send somebody a direct message in private on Twitter […]

Why Banning Periscope is Stupid

We’ve had the first bans on Periscope (and Meerkat), the live-streaming apps. Now how are we going to enforce it? Curiously, the National Hockey League has banned live streaming in its arenas. You cannot use Meerkat or Periscope to broadcast National Hockey League playoff games. And to me, it’s incredibly stupid, for two reasons: First, […]

Are Meerkat and Periscope Good News or Bad

Maybe Periscope and Meerkat are the greatest things ever, but maybe they are going to be the end of live events as we know it in our world. I actually recorded this episode of the Jay Today show on Periscope, the new live-streaming app now owned by Twitter. People are already all over the Periscope […]

Convergence of Content Marketing and Social Media Is Here

Are we finally at the convergence of content marketing and social media software? I’ve written¬†a lot about content marketing software and the content marketing software and tools industry. I believe it’s overbuilt. I believe it’s too frothy. I believe there’s too many startups with too much venture capital. Some of them will fail. Some of […]