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Newspapers Fail When They Don’t Contain News

Newspapers Fail When They Don't Contain News

Hey, here’s an idea. What if newspapers actually contained real news? Recently, I grabbed the USA Today as I often do while on the road (in this case, in Nashville Tennessee for the Marketing United conference) I get most of my news online (as you probably do as well). But I still read a newspaper every […]

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The Power of Storytelling

Sometimes this notion of “storytelling” in business seems folly, conjuring up thoughts of bedtime, folklore, embellished narrative, and performance art. It reminds me of entertaining my young children on long car rides by listening to Kipling’s take on how the camel got his hump. (Spoiler: The camel was a jerk, and that hump was a magic […]

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10 Social Media Pros Pick Their Favorite iPad Case


Given the extraordinary buffet of technology and tech-related options and alternatives available to us, it fascinates me to learn what people I know and trust use on a day-to-day basis. In this, the debut edition of What The Pros Use, I polled a group of social business and content geniuses to determine what they use […]

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CC Chapman – The Twitter 20 Interview on Telling Stories and Humanizing Brands


CC Chapman is a lot of desirable things. A legendary podcaster that embraced that medium from its very earliest days. A grizzled blogger, with entries dating back to 2001. A co-founder of the buzzlicious non-traditional marketing agency The Advance Guard. A devoted father that doesn’t let the digital tsunami swamp his boat. Between conference speaking […]