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Don’t Forget the Big Picture in Social Media Strategy

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As 2014 comes to a close, we reflect on the incredible knowledge shared on the Social Pros Podcast. In December, we heard from MarketingProfs’ internal marketing expert; high-end realty company Corcoran Group; and Gartner’s digital marketing researcher. These Social Pros operate on different levels in very different fields. As always, their experiences are as varied as […]

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Top 4 Digital Priorities for Higher Ed CMOs

Top 4 Digital Priorities for Higher Ed CMOs

According to new research from Formstack, 35% of universities currently have a Chief Marketing Officer, or CMO. In this relatively new role, CMOs are changing how higher education approaches marketing. With the right digital priorities, CMOs can have a forward-thinking impact on higher ed marketing.

Does Your Email Help or Hurt


Every time you press send on that new email, are you doing your brand good, or are you doing your brand harm? The other day, Scott Stratten, author of the new book “UnSelling,” among others, was on my Social Pros podcast, and he has a really interesting concept in that book called the brand pulse. […]

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Social Media

Social Pros Podcast with Derek Schoen

Derek Schoen, Director of Interactive Marketing at ARIA Las Vegas, joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss staying connected with guests throughout the life of their stay, unifying a marketing message across all channels, and really using customer feedback to better their product.

Social Media Strategy

What Story Are You Telling?

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In September, the Social Pros Podcast talked with Google competitor DuckDuckGo; marketing experts MarketingProfs; Schaefer Marketing Solutions marketing strategy consultants; and the author, blogger, and podcaster behind UnMarketing. As always, these Social Pros bring a variety of experience to the table to share how their teams operate, the solutions to the various problems they face on […]

Using Social Media to Generate Measurable Sales – It’s Possible


Jay Cooney, E-Commerce Social Media Manager at Omni Hotels & Resorts, joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to uncover Omni’s unique approach to social media management, how their social media efforts are directly tied to sales, and how Omni creates a personalized experience for all of its guests.

Social Media and UGC Best Practices for Museums


W. Ryan Dodge, Social Media Coordinator at the Royal Ontario Museum, joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss how he harnesses the power of the staff within the museum for social media, the museum’s program to foster user-generated content from social followers, and how he negotiates a world that has no budget for social media.