Solving Klout’s “Warren Buffett Problem”

Matt Thomson, Klout

Matt Thomson, VP of Business Development at Klout, joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss the “Warren Buffett problem” his company faces, those fancy analytics at work behind the Klout algorithms, and expanding to offer brands a whole new product. Read on for some of the highlights and tweetable moments, or listen to the full podcast. […]

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Why Online Influencer Outreach is Overrated and How to Fix It

online influencer outreach is overrated

Trying to convince online influencers to tweet, blog, instagram, or pin nice things about your company is the post-modern version of celebrity endorsement, but with less impact. Public relations firms and/or in-house communication apparatchiks take the same concepts and mechanics of celebrity endorsement and bring them online, using Klout scores in lieu of celebrity Q scores, and blogger […]

Social Pros 14 – Jason Falls, Social Media Explorer

Klout Score

This is Episode 14 of the Social Pros Podcast : Real People Doing Real Work in Social Media. This episode features Jason Falls, the founder and principal of Social Media Explorer. Read on for insights from Jason, and more information about his Explore conferences that are happening around the country. Listen Now Click the play […]

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Klout and the Reality of Return on Influence


Video production by my friends at Candidio. Fast, inexpensive, great service. (Abbreviated transcript below. Please watch video for entire interview.) Jay: Welcome, everybody. It’s Jay Baer at Convince & Convert, joined today by a very special guest, my good friend Mark W. Schaefer. Mr. Schaefer, how are you, good sir? Mark: I could not be […]

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Are You Passionate About Social Media, Or Obsessed?

are you passionate about social media

Guest post by Marjorie Clayman, resident blogger at She works at Clayman Advertising, Inc., her family-owned full-service marketing firm.   Passion or Obsession? No, I’m not talking Calvin Klein scents. Actually, I’m putting forth a question to you. Are you passionate about social media or are you obsessed with social media? “Passion” has become one of […]

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The 3 Keys to Social Influence


This is an interview I did with Klout for their Klout Stars series, where they ask “influencers” about their background in social media. 1. How did you get started in social media? I was originally a political consultant, helping manage campaigns for Governor, U.S. Senate, and President. I moved out of that industry into digital […]

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The 4 Marketing Metrics Mandates

4 marketing metrics mandates

There are four mandates that companies are adopting when they are examining and analyzing the success of their online marketing and social media programs. I recently gave a presentation to the Measured Marketing Roundtable at Techpoint, Indiana’s technology and economic development association, that outlines these new metric must-dos. The 4 Modern Metrics Mandates View more […]

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6 Timely Tips for Twitter Success

Replies and Retweets on Twitter, a Report by Sysomos

New research from Sysomos shows that 92.4% of all retweets happen within the first hour after the tweet has been sent. This demonstrates that Twitter users are not browsing the public stream (or even their own lists) to find and interact with tweets from earlier in the day. Consequently, WHEN you send your tweets has […]

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Why Influence Mining is the Next Gold Rush

Influence Mining

Inherently, we understand influence. It’s in our DNA. We know that a grizzly bear has a marked impact on its surroundings, and can change behavior in ways that even the fiercest badger cannot. The tsunami of data being created, collected and parsed every second of every day now makes influence identification instantaneous, and possible from […]