Social Media Case Studies

How to Easily Create Practical-Value Content to Add Value To Your Audience

Remove an Egg Yolk

For many businesses, producing content the provides practical value is one of the easiest ways for your target market to perceive your brand as a thought leader in your industry. In fact, by creating content on practical value, you’re also pushing a psychological button on your target market to get them to share the content. Learn how several brands have implemented practical value content for their audiences.

Social Media Case Studies

Please Vote for the NOW Revolutionary of the Month

Bill Fisher

Real-time business is about capitalizing on opportunity. About keeping your antennae up and finding a way to engage with speed and context. Last month, Amber Naslund and I named our first NOW Revolutionary, someone who’s living the faster, smarter, and more social principles we wrote about in The NOW Revolution. Our first winner was NOW […]

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Corporate Twitter Account Train Wreck! The 3 Types of Self-Destructive Tweets

twit happens

Twit happens. As more and more companies ramp up their Twitter presence, the likelihood that something off-message will slip by the digital goalie goes up considerably. The question is not whether your company will have to deal with self-destructive corporate Tweets, but what kind of tweet it will be, and by whom. There are 3 […]

Social Media Case Studies

Are You Keeping Your Social Antenna Up?

Hotel Felix (9)

Sure, the instantaneous nature of the social Web can create business crises faster than you can say “Tiger Blood” and “Kenneth Cole is an Oaf”. But, that rapidity also creates unprecedented opportunities for marketers with their antenna up, scanning the real-time horizon for a chance to make a difference. George Jordan, the General Manager at […]

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Threadless Shares 10 Years of Insights and Inspiration

Threadless book

Threadless – everyone’s favorite T-shirt purveyor and example of crowdsourcing and customer community success – recently published a terrific 10th anniversary book that combines company history with dozens of its best designs. It makes for very interesting reading, and the production values and design elements make it a suitable coffee table book, and an excellent […]

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Travel, Tweets, Trends – Social Media Runs Rampant in Adventure Travel

travel social media

There’s been a lot of talk (and rightfully so) lately about industries where social media adoption is as slow as a Brett Favre farewell. Financial services. Utilities. Pharma. And a lot more. I’ll write more about those issues soon, but today let’s turn our attention to an industry where social media is thriving like Cher’s […]

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microMARKETING Requires Bayonets, Not Grenades


As an experienced marketer who has worked with dozens of big companies in his agency career (he’s currently a VP at Powered), Greg Verdino has had a ringside seat for the evolution of communication. He successfully documents that evolution in his new book microMARKETING: Get Big Results by Thinking and Acting Small. Written with a […]

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6 Degrees of Influence – The Value of Customer-to-Customer Connections


Guest post by Yael Davidowitz-Neu, a Sales Strategy Analyst at Google responsible for analyzing consumer behavior, search trends and market dynamics. ¬†She is deeply curious, loves all things marketing and blogs less frequently than she would like at While many businesses are excited about opportunities to reach their customers on the social web, few […]