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Meet Kim


Vice President

Kim Corak
Fact #1

Kim is located in Louisville, KY and is our resident expert on the Kentucky Derby, bourbon, and fried chicken.

Fact #2

Kim graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s in Journalism and Public Relations.

Fact #3

Kim was Lake Tahoe’s New Year’s Baby in 1975

The Details

Kim has 25 years of experience in digital marketing and customer experience including content marketing, social media, influencer marketing, email, web, and research.

As our Vice President at C&C, she oversees service, business growth, and management initiatives.Notable client experience includes Visit California, Hilton, Bentley, the United Nations, Adobe, Oracle, Microsoft, and dozens inhigher ed. She also served as the lead researcher/contributor to Jay Baer’s New York Times bestseller “Youtility: WhySmart Marketing is About Help Not Hype.” Additionally, Kim has extensive volunteer and fundraising experience with an emphasis on cystic fibrosis and children’s hospitals.

Prior to Convince & Convert, Kim served as head of business development and marketing director for a large digital agency in Phoenix & led the digital marketing for a Southern California municipality focused on travel and tourism. She’s worked client-side within the tech, healthcare, higher ed, and government sectors. In fact, Kim’sbeen working in digital so long that someone once asked her if she could save the internet to a disk.

Kim is an avid traveler currently planning a trip to her 31st country, Indonesia (or Peru or Denmark… it’s still a surprise to her). Occasionally, you’ll catch her giving side eye to her husband, teenage son, and/or boston terrier, named Baby Monster Face. She hides her OCD well, but we know she has it because we would fall apart without it.

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