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Largest National Independent Moving Company Advances Content and Social Media Marketing Efforts


With national moving capabilities, most of the JK Moving business is concentrated along the East  Coast. With competing priorities and potential to grow the team, JK Moving needed a strategic roadmap to make some bigger moves in the near future. 


Sterling, VA

The Case

JK Moving had many audiences to serve. With audiences in both B2C and B2B as well as a  philanthropic arm, they came to C&C seeking guidance and a plan to ensure all audiences were  reached, but effectively as a small team was responsible for all marketing channels.  

The Situation

JK Moving is a great place to work and the passion and care they take when moving is paramount  to their brand. Additionally, they have handled high profile celebrity moves, government security  moves, and do hundreds of military moves each year. How do they cover the gamut of stories,  serve each their core audiences, and not overwhelm current marketing resources with the options? 

How C&C Helped

C&C used social media tools to better understand the details of the audience for each of the social channels JK Moving was focusing on. From there, a full social media strategy was created to ensure content was created and used effectively to reach the right audience, on the right channel, and at the right time.  The strategy included:
  •  Specific action drivers for each of the key three audiences identified
  • A full SWOT analysis of current social media performance
  • The creation of content pillars by each audience and by aligned to the social channels from which an editorial calendar was created
  • Creation of a new dashboard for accurate measurement and reporting to stakeholders


The result was a clear roadmap for social media content across the enterprise. Taking into account  the executive’s personal channels, the process of creating content and the correct metrics for  success, JK Moving was positioned to turn good digital marketing into great.  

Additionally, C&C was retained for 12 months following the strategic project to train up new team  members, assist with additional content creation when needed, and refine the strategy as business  details changed or challenges were presented.  

Texas Exes – Alumni Association for The University of Texas
Austin, Texas USA
Services Provided
Like many alumni organizations across the country, Texas Exes saw declining engagement, challenges with hitting giving goals, and in general, had a harder time getting the attention from their target audiences. It was a good time to re-connect and re-assess alumni sentiment and needs.
Although the Texas Exes had a strong organization and following, they still faced significant challenges:
  • Generally speaking, the University of Texas at Austin has a very decentralized culture, which pervades every related organization and department.
  • Texas Exes wanted to make sure that teams used to operating independently didn’t just see this research as something for the marketing team to use in crafting giving pitches, but data that could inform and guide every area, from student outreach, to events, to fundraising and beyond.
Convince and Convert started by implementing an attitudinal survey that asked alumni how they felt about the association generally, events and benefits, as well as their feelings about their time at the University of Texas at Austin. Convince & Convert then performed a thorough analysis, developed personas, recommended strategies, and content ideas that would support the needs and desires of the alumni. One of the key findings was that the alumni’s main unmet desire was more professional interaction, including networking, mentoring and job opportunities. When COVID hit, it became clear that they had a significant opportunity not to just move events online but do so in a strategic and intentional way. Texas Exes had been in conversation with Graduway, a platform that provides a private social network with robust features, for more than a year. In six weeks, Convince & Convert helped the Texas Exes accelerate this concept, finalize their contract, and plan a launch strategy. In addition, Convince & Convert helped organize conversations beyond just Texas Exes alumni needs to include Career Services, Athletics, and a number of colleges within the university to ensure they all had some ownership in how their corner of the platform would come together.
Convince & Convert crafted plans for each of their service areas to evolve to better match the needs uncovered in the survey. Texas Exes was proud to have the most successful higher ed launch Graduway has ever experienced and are using the insights gathered from this active and engaged group to develop and refine future plans for the organization and the university. Reached 8,000+ users in four months after virtual networking space rollout.

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