Are You Listening to Negative Customer Feedback?

They Are Your Most Important Focus Group

The rise of review platforms and social media has allowed people to share poor brand interactions more easily and with a wider audience. But the worst thing any company can do is to ignore or try to silence critics. How you handle negative customer reviews can increase brand affinity, help you determine necessary product adjustments, and assist you in meeting your customers needs.
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Positive reviews are great, but your negative feedback is an area that lets you know how you need to adjust your business to create a better customer experience. But, it’s sometimes hard to determine the root cause of why your audience might be frustrated. We help you identify takeaways from your angriest customers to turn them into brand promoters.
How to view all reviews about your business
Why regular reporting & training is needed
How to empower your staff to address negative feedback
How to actively listen and respond to reviews
What operational changes need to be made to correct areas of weakness
Where and when to engage all feedback
How We Solve It
Marketing Strategy
A fully custom strategic marketing plan. We also break it all down in an executive overview that shows you the key strategic transformations necessary to meet your business goals.
Operational Playbooks
Learn how to precisely put that strategy into action with these operational guidebooks that outline the tactics that need to be done in exactly the right order to align your efforts with your marketing strategy.
Continued Counsel
We stay involved as an extension of your team for ongoing support to connect dots, facilitate implementation, train team members, and build additional tools and dashboards where needed.
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