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Top 6 Proven Strategies To Boost Your Employee Experience

Authors: Gaurav Sharma Gaurav Sharma
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Top 6 Proven Strategies To Boost Your Employee Experience

In this day and age, companies can’t just get by with basic offers like health insurance and PTO. They must go the extra mile to deploy employee experience strategies that will ultimately foster a more engaged, happier, and productive workforce. 

Essentially, employee experience is the combination of all the interactions workers have with your company. It includes the company’s culture, physical work environment, benefits, and the resources you provide that help employees succeed in their work. Organizations with good employee experience strategies generate more revenue than companies without such strategies.

That’s why more than 9 in 10 employers are prioritizing employee experience enhancements in the next three years according to a study by Willis Towers Watson.

If you are looking to create a positive company culture and retain your best employees, use these employee experience strategies to keep your employees fulfilled and motivated. 

1. Invest in Team Supporting Tools

Supporting tools help your team increase their productivity and save time in performing their job responsibilities.

  1. Use Communication tool: A right team communication tool that helps team members to communicate on a real-time basis. Also, they can share the required files.
  2. Meeting and Video Conferencing Software: To schedule and manage meetings with clients, superiors can handle them with the right meeting tool.
  3. Use project management software: Using project management software specifically designed with marketing teams in mind empowers marketing teams to meticulously plan, adapt, and streamline their campaigns, ensuring that no critical components are overlooked.

2. Leverage Employee Journey Mapping

An employee journey map is a critical employee advocacy tool. It helps you measure an employee’s experience during their tenure in your organization.

You can ask your employees to promote your brand on the different employee advocacy tools. Attrock list of advocacy tools that help in selecting the best advocacy platform for your campaigns. Creating one for your workers will help you actualize the steps employees go through so you can find areas of improvement.

You can start from an employee’s first day and consider critical moments such as probation, training, promotions, and performance reviews. 

Employee Journey Map

Employee Experience Journey Mapping Template – Pia-Maria Thoren

This information will help you find ways to keep your workers engaged and satisfied during each stage of their journey with your company. 

3. Improve the Onboarding Process

Employees who have a great onboarding experience are more likely to be satisfied with their job. This makes improving the onboarding process one of the key employee experience strategies you can implement to help new hires settle in the job. 

Without this, new hires might feel lost and unable to perform their jobs effectively. As a result, they will start looking for a way out of the company, leaving you without key staff for important company functions. 

To prevent this from happening, ensure new employees know what’s expected of them by the organization. Provide the required training to help your employees perform their functions well. 

A great onboarding experience also includes regular checkups with the manager. Ensure employees are in regular contact with their manager so they can ask questions and build a positive relationship with the head of the department. 

You can invest in the latest cloud technology to build a strong communication system in your organization. For example, leverage a sales CRM tool such as Copper CRM to automate your sales communication process and convenient access to all sales-related information for all sales team members.

At the same time, don’t forget to set clear and relevant goals, and monitor the progress of new employees.

4. Show Empathy

One of the most effective employee experience strategies that will help you build a more engaged workforce is being empathetic. Approaching employee issues from their point of view will help you engage with them in a more impactful way. 

Leading with empathy means accepting that your employees are not perfect and that they will not always operate at their best. Essentially, you understand that sometimes, issues outside the workplace can affect an employee’s performance at work. It helps you to motivate remote teams for better productivity.


Working with this reality in mind is the best way to create a conducive workplace for your employees. 

Below, are some employee experience strategies you can deploy to show empathy at work:

  • Be authentic – Go the extra mile to ask questions to show that you are interested and care about the experiences of your employees. 
  • Personalize your contact – Add a personal touch to your communication with employees. Give specific praise and show genuine concern for their well-being to boost morale. 
  • Make time to engage with your employees – During your free time, reach out to the employees for a chat. Ask them to share employee experience strategies that will bring greater company success. 

If you wait for the end-of-year party or scheduled ceremonies to recognize employees, you will miss many opportunities to boost employee morale and improve company culture. Share on X

5. Provide Learning Opportunities

Many employees cite career growth as a reason to stay in a job or a reason to look for another. If you want to build the perfect project team, you should add career growth opportunities to your employee experience strategies. 

learning opportunity

Put in place programs to train the next generation of leaders. Ask your employees to set their career paths and provide them with the time and resources to expand in those areas. 

For example, Investment banking service companies can upgrade their employees’ skills and knowledge base by investing in good online resources related to their sector. Companies can purchase these online resources for their employees.

Meanwhile, you can provide employees with self-paced learning programs, webinars, company training with a corporate trainer, and in-person events to grow their knowledge on specific issues. 

You can write step-by-step procedures for course completion and learn new skills for your employee. In this process, they can learn new skills in a more effective way.

Invest in the right project management tools, communication tools, and performance tracking tools to increase your employee productivity.

This strategy will help you earn loyal employees who value the investment you put in them. You can also provide your employees with mentors to guide and provide them with feedback. 

6. Focus on Employee Wellness

Employees need to be healthy for them to perform at their best and fulfill their responsibilities. That said, you should note that health doesn’t just mean physical wellness. It also includes mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

As an employer who’s committed to your company’s efficiency, employee wellness should be one of your top employee experience strategies. 

Implement programs that promote the health and fitness of your employees such as paid parental leave, paid vacation, sick time, on-site fitness centers, and healthy meals. 

Provide the work experience that freelancers get working with freelancer sites. You can provide work-from-home, hybrid work culture, and working time relaxation so your employees feel better and work at their full capacity.

You can invest in the right time-tracking systems such as Apploye that helps in fair time tracking in your organization and employees can manage their time more effectively.

These strategies will ensure the employees are rested, engaged, and more attentive at work. As a result, their productivity will increase, thus making it easier for you to achieve your company goals. 

Apart from this, you can also invest in employee offboarding software that can help you automate and streamline tasks such as revoking access to company systems, conducting exit interviews, and managing the return of company property

Bonus Tips:

Organize Fun Quizzes

Employees are always involved in completing their regular tasks. If Most of the employees feel tense in your organization then you should try to know the reason behind it. Sometimes your employees are not ready to share their problems with you easily.

For this, you can organize funny quizzes including personality quiz questions to know your employees and their issues with work better. With a quiz builder, you can easily create interactive quizzes to engage your employees and collect valuable data related to their problems, and then you can work on these issues.

Improve Engagement

Besides being one of the top employee experience strategies, there’s a lot you can achieve when you boost engagement at the workplace. 

Highly engaged teams are more productive at work, generate more revenue, and reduce operational expenses. They also experience less absenteeism and conflicts at the workplace. 

To boost engagement at the workplace, start by creating a culture of recognition. Take every opportunity to recognize and reward employees for the great work they do. 

If you wait for the end-of-year party or scheduled ceremonies to recognize employees, you will miss many opportunities to boost employee morale and improve company culture

You can also develop a recognition strategy to allow employees to recognize each other. This can be done through physical rewards or personalized letters. 

Through such initiatives, it becomes easy to collect meaningful feedback from the employees. As an employer or a manager, you will use the feedback to improve your operations and enhance the employee experience. 

Wrapping Up!

It has been established that happy employees are more productive in the workplace. And since the employee experience plays a crucial role in their performance, working on your employee experience strategy will significantly boost your bottom line. 

I have shared the best employee experience strategies you can use to support your staff and make your workplace more desirable. These strategies will help attract the best talent, retain your top workers and achieve all your company goals. 

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