You need a partner who you can trust to level-up your marketing and customer experience.​

We have worked with dozens of global clients in both a B2B and B2C capacity to build best-in-class content marketing, social media marketing, and customer experience practices. From Cisco to Purdue, AARP and the United Nations, we have worked with hundreds of businesses to overcome the exact same challenges that your organization is currently experiencing.

You are in good hands. We will not only give you sound, thoughtful counsel on how to bring you a best in class strategy, we’ll also do so looking toward the next step in your evolution, which is to further boost your brand in all digital places.

You need a marketing strategy that delivers efficiency and results —and that’s what we’ll deliver.

A N D  N O T H I N G  L E S S .

Our job is to deliver a strategy or playbooks that definitively tell you what you MUST do to move the business forward, not what you could do. 

Although we customize each to your team and brand needs, we work through the following stages to build our partnership and success.

How does our process work?


You know your business nuances and the stakeholders you serve. We know content marketing through and through. 

To begin our work together, we must learn about your business, your particular situation, challenges, and goals. We drill down into the current state and the desired future state and what’s prevented you and your team from getting there. We know it is often some combination of resource constraints, training or depth of skills, the current technology stack and how it’s being utilized, corporate culture, and a vision that essential teams will buy-in to.

We’ll interview your key stakeholders to root the entire project in the nuances of your organization’s culture and needs—not only will this ensure this project’s success, but this approach will strengthen your entire marketing ecosystem.

During the discovery period, you can expect to:

  • Send us any and all marketing plans, KPI reports, strategic outlook flows, brand guidelines and any other marketing or sales pieces that you think will give us a good look at where you’ve been, where you are going, or even what hasn’t worked before
  • Have a 90 min meeting bringing your most critical stakeholders to the table to give us their take of “state of the state” regarding your project, objectives, and honest challenges 

We promise to:

  • Review the materials you provide and organize our further questions to streamline answers and discussion. We won’t waste your time with top level thoughts, we’ll dive in and get deep from the start. 
  • Provide a senior strategist to be your main point of contact for the entirety of your project and relationship with Convince and Convert (C&C). From meeting invites to the final deliverables, you have access to senior team members expertise with knowledge of you and your team.
  • Perform our own competitive review & social listening analysis to illuminate our understanding of your competitive set and landscape. We use a suite of specialized tools  to further our knowledge of your opportunities. 
  • Be on time, prepared with agenda and discussion guides, and available to you for the project at hand and also for any marketing questions that arise along the way. 

Strategic Insights

With the understanding gained from the discovery process, we work through the strategic pillars of our project together. As we apply your industry and subject matter expertise to your business needs, we couple our digital marketing best practices, research, and experience to formulate your strategic pillars, transformational needs, and strategic framework to move your business forward. 

On weekly (or bi-weekly) calls, we discuss progress, uncover other areas of concentration and ensure your goals and expectations are front and center along the way. 

Your content marketing or social media strategic plan will include details on:

Considers the larger business goals, the opportunity to reach those goals through the digital strategy, and the strategy’s potential impact to the revenue and team operations. 

Reviews the current approach to digital channels, content and growth. Often in this area we present “quick wins” which is a collection of a dozen smaller effort adjustments to make to the current execution practices to ratchet up results in as little as 60-90 days.

We will clearly and concisely create the digital strategy specific to your brand opportunities that include:

  • Channel Vision: Mission statement and core purpose
  • KPIs & Analytics: Laddering to social / marketing business goals 
  • Content Considerations: Voice & tone, content pillars, Topics, themes, and campaign ideas 
  • Tools & Team Optimizations: Areas where efficiency may be gained or realignment of resources benefits the organization
  • Utilizing Resources: User-generated content, key opinion leaders (KOLs), influencers, ambassadors as content creators 

After the channel strategy has been delivered, many clients choose to continue the channel strategy work by adding on playbooks to apply specific tactical elements to areas of the strategy seen as a priority or needing focused attention.

Additionally, clients use our team for support on the day to day needs your team has or other needs as they arise. In short, we are an on-call, informed, engaged extension of your team.

The Deliverable

Our job is to clearly demonstrate what you must do from a strategic marketing perspective to move toward your goals, not what you could do. 

Some of our recommendations may ask you to leave your comfort zone. They may ask you to learn new skills, improve your technology stack, change your organizational structure, or adopt new processes. While you (and core team members) will be briefed on strategic milestones throughout step 2, we’ll have a formal presentation (usually 2 hours) to walk you through the full deliverable and highlight the key areas for transformative change. 

Each of our strategic deliverables include a tiered order of implementation to clearly organize the next steps for adoption and implementation. You will receive the final written strategic plan as well as the executive summary and recording of the presentation.

After the Strategy

We’ve learned our clients need time to read and absorb the deliverables directly and talk internally about pieces and the action plan. We wouldn’t have it any other way! Get talking, get note taking, get buy-in, and get thinking about the steps needed to start implementation. 

About 10 days after the formal presentation, we’ll schedule a follow up working session to address those items…to answer any questions and review any area that wasn’t fully understood, or work through a wrinkle a team member sees for their piece of the work. To go over again how each piece ladders up to the business goals. 

Often, from here, our clients opt for tactical playbooks to help narrow in the specifics for a portion of the strategy. These take the form of specific instructions to implement pieces of the strategy.  

Some also opt for a continued partnership allows us to work together to implement the recommendations, with our team holding the rudder and your team holding the wheel, meeting regularly to prioritize your efforts, review deliverables, check progress, and optimize your content strategy and operations. This phase will also include workshops and training to support the overall strategy.

We Are Always Here For You

Throughout our partnership, we are here to help our clients with whatever pops up in the unpredictable world of content marketing and social media.

  • Question about a new CMS platform? Call C&C.

  • Optimizing your email program to better engage with prospects and customers? Call C&C

  • Need a POV around social media and recruitment? Call C&C.

We are on call and at your disposal to provide advice and counsel about all things social, search, web, email, mobile, content and beyond.

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