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11 Top-Notch Proofreading Tools for Content Marketers

Authors: Mary Walton Mary Walton
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Content writing is often dismissed as merely filler for your website, but in fact, it is akin to an exact science. Get it right, and you’ll be able to bring in more readers and, with a little luck and persistence, convert them into customers. Get it wrong, and it’ll be noticed and held against you quicker than you’d think.

If you want to get your content writing perfect, there are tools online that can help you. Here are eleven of the best tools online for polishing your content.

1. Wordrake

You have pages to fill, so you hammer at your keyboard and hope that what you’re writing makes sense. Often, though, when you’re racing to meet deadlines, you’ll write copy that really could use a second or even a third pass through.

Wordrake helps you get that proofreading pass done quickly and easily. Install it in your text editor, and click the “rake” button to get started. It will go through the document and make suggested edits live so you can see the entire process. You can then choose to make or reject those edits before submitting your work.

2. Grammark

A lot of writers don’t like using online spell checkers, as they feel that they can’t pick up on subtle errors like a human could. However, modern tools are becoming more sophisticated, and you’d be surprised at what they can do.

Grammark is one of the best out there. It can pick up on run on sentences, passive voice, word count, and more. All you have to do is paste your content into the text box, and it will do all of the hard work for you. It’s worth trying just once to see how much it can improve your writing.

3. Boom Essays

Sometimes, you just want a real person to proofread your writing. After all, you can proofread yourself, but you’ll often miss glaring errors, as you know what you meant when you were writing it out. Sometimes the human touch is just what’s needed to really make your content great. 

If there’s no one on hand to read for you, try this writing service instead. Their expert proofreaders can cast a critical eye over your work and make the appropriate edits. When you get it back, it’ll be ready for publication.

4. Grammarly

It’s not just blog posts you need to proofread. Everything you write on social media is content, and you need to subject it to the same scrutiny as any other content you write. One slip up in your writing will show your business in a bad light, which of course you want to avoid.

This tool can be used on any online platform where you write posts. It’s free to use and gives you in-depth analysis of what needs to be improved in your writing.

5. Edit Minion

This online proofreading tool can do everything the others do, but it also has an excellent feature that you may want to take advantage of. Along the top of the page are options to read your text for weak words, cliché, passive voice, and more. Each feature has an on/off switch, so you can set up the tool to read only for certain weaknesses in your text. If you know you struggle with certain issues in your writing, this is the best tool for weeding them out before publication.

6. Paper Rater

You need to proofread your writing for spelling and grammar mistakes, but have you thought about checking for plagiarism? You probably haven’t, as you’re not in the habit of lifting other people’s work for your own posts. However, you still need to use this tool.

Run your writing through it, and it will tell you if any section of it raises alarm bells for plagiarism. There are a lot of writers who have been burned who haven’t meant to plagiarize, but have written pieces that are too close to their original source. Use this, and you can rewrite before you can be accused of plagiarism.

7. Essayroo

If you’re a content writer, you’re not just writing one piece at a time. You probably have several going at once, and you need to get them delivered as soon as you can. When you’re really down to the wire, it’s difficult to find the time to proofread thoroughly.

If this happens to you, this writing service can proofread for you. You can send them pieces even if you only have a matter of hours to get them sent for publication. It’ll take a lot of pressure off you, and your writing will be perfect.

8. Slick Write

Do you want to get more in-depth in improving your writing? This is the tool for you. Use it to write your content, and you can get up-to-the-minute feedback as you type. It does the usual spelling and grammar checks for you, giving you suggestions for edits if you hover over highlighted text. It also has a slew of other features you can try. There’s a whole statistics section, which will give you more numbers on your writing than you ever thought you needed. There’s also a “flow” section, which gives you information on how easy it is to read your work.


9. Grammar Check

This spelling and grammar checking service understands that really, your words are all you have when you’re online. Your writing is how you present yourself to the world, so it really is vital that you get it right. This tool allows you to check your writing carefully, helping you gain authority through your peerless writing.

10. UK Writings

There’s no better way to edit a piece than to go through it with somebody else. If you put your heads together, you can find better ways to present your writing than you can on your own. This writing service knows that, so they offer a professional proofreading service that you can be a part of. You can go through it together, and make your copy really pop.

11. Hemingway Editor

Are you serious about making your writing better? This tool is a good place to start when searching for what you need to change. It’s a spelling and grammar editor that will highlight the errors it spots. The errors are color-coded, so you can see at a glance what you’re struggling with. Then, you can work on strengthening your writing.

These tools are a lifesaver when it comes to proofreading your content. Give them a try, and you’ll really see the difference in your writing.

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