STOP Now or Your Content Dies

STOP Now or Your Content Dies


Even the sound of the word “failure” is disheartening.

For me, it conjures images of a bomb exploding inside a watermelon.

Am I alone in my sentiments?

I don’t think so.

I am inclined to believe that most writers and bloggers share the same fear of failure every time they publish a new piece of content.

To avoid having to repeatedly be confronted by this fear, it is important to understand that not only do we need to communicate a message that captivates our audience, but we also need to inspire our readers to act upon the message either during or immediately after reading the post.

The biggest challenge confronting most writers is that there is no shortage of content online.

A blogger trying to increase their visibility has to possess quite a bit of talent and determination, if they hope to keep their head above water in the ocean of online content.

With industry-leading writers like Demian Farnworth, who are setting the standard for creating and publishing blog content, it is easy for people to feel overwhelmed and outnumbered in unprepared for this competitive environment.

I can relate and understand why people would feel inadequate, and possibly even like the underdog.

How do we make this STOP?

To help us all avoid experiencing these feelings in the future, I have identified 3 ways to leap over and avoid the obstacles that generally inhibit success. Use these tips to break down walls and put a STOP to the things that prevent us from consistently writing really great articles.

It will be challenging, and I expect that there may even be crying and gnashing of teeth on the journey to producing great content, but in the end; there is a solution.

1. STOP Patting Yourself on The Back

Too many bloggers mistakenly feel that their writing is “good enough” for their audience and nothing needs to change.

This is fueled by the fact that, in most instances, successful writers have amassed a responsive social following, and the positive response they get from a handful of loyal followers, is all the convincing they need, to believe that their posts read “well enough.”

I have a warning for bloggers who believe they are doing “enough.”

Motivating yourself with that mindset like “well enough” or “good enough,” does nothing but inspire mediocre messages that will quickly become very boring and generally unappealing.

If this cycle continues, you will lose the connection you have worked so hard to establish with your audience, and without notice you will be the only one left to pat your back.

2. STOP Scheduling Your Creativity

A singer sings, a carpenter cuts, and a blogger writes.

But, just because we expect them to behave this way, doesn’t mean that they will perform well every single time.

In fact, there is a greater danger of generating bad content when creativity is “scheduled.” (tweet this)

Although establishing a content publishing schedule is a great idea, what happens if you aren’t inspired when the calendar says you should be?

Unless you are satisfied with producing content that is “good enough,” I suggest that you move on to another task and come back to your writing when inspiration strikes.

Don’t write because you have to, write because you want to.

Your goal should be to create THE BEST blog posts, not the most.

If you need to keep a steady flow of content, begin writing 2 or 3 articles at once and work away at them every day.

3. STOP Investing in Fool’s Gold

One of the things that marketers and bloggers can’t stop talking about is the importance of being a great storyteller.

Storytellers captivate the attention of audience members and deliver a unique and insightful message.

I am not suggesting that every online author has to be Clark Kent or Peter Parker and publish Breaking News, but I am seeing the need to constantly generate “Super” content.

Every writer, myself included, strives to capture and hold the audience’s attention.

From my own perspective, I would like my message to be more captivating and memorable. But, this cannot be accomplished unless there is pure gold flowing from my mind and into my keyboard.

If you are just relaying, or copying someone else’s message verbatim, that’s not the golden content you need, that’s Fool’s Gold.

It may still be shiny, but it is not at all good enough to buy your audience’s attention. You need to mine for your own gold and create your own golden content.

START Inspiring People

With competition for the audience’s attention becoming more and more intense, it is important to focus your efforts on consistently producing remarkable content that will go far beyond just “good enough.”

It is time to challenge yourself to begin creating content that inspires people to take immediate action.

Whether it be an acknowledgement, a re-share, comment or recommendation, your goal is to touch as many people as possible.

To accomplish this, you must STOP being afraid of failure.

START accepting that there is always room for improvement.

STOP being satisfied with “good enough”, and, START making a firm commitment to deliver only your best, most inspiring and valuable content to your friends, fans and followers.

Are you prepared to STOP, and do what it takes to save your content from dying?

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