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This Is The Usually Absent Secret Ingredient of Content Marketing

Authors: Jay Baer Jay Baer
Posted Under: Content Marketing
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secret ingredient of content marketingI believe these things:Inspired by Youtility

– The best content is content that people cherish, not content that people tolerate.

– The best content is content that people want, not content that companies think they need.

– The best content is content so useful that people would pay for it if you asked them to do so.

– The best content is a Youtility.

More and more corporations and individuals are starting to espouse and adopt this philosophy, to which I say “thank goodness” and “it’s about time.”

All too often, however, I find that they (and perhaps you?) are missing the secret ingredient of content marketing success….COURAGE.

Content marketing success isn’t about marketing, it’s about courage (tweet this)

– It takes courage to give away something of value without expectation of immediate return

– It takes courage to trust that your customers and prospective customers will reward you with attention and sales and loyalty at some point in the future

– It takes courage to play the long game, not the short game

– It takes courage to create a true Youtility and resist the temptation to put a coupon in the middle of it

– It takes courage to measure impact via correlation and surveys instead of click stream and definitive ROI

– It takes courage to interact with and assist people on a one-to-one basis, because as Gary Vaynerchuk has said: “giving a shit doesn’t scale”

– It takes courage to be a farmer instead of a hunter


Before rushing into a brainstorm session to figure out what nifty content marketing execution you and your company can make, consider whether you have the courage (and the culture that serves as the petri dish for that courage) to stay the course? Because consumers aren’t stupid; they can smell fear a mile away.


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