Content Marketing

These are the archives of the most definitive insights and resources on content marketing, curated weekly by the Convince & Convert Media team.

April 2015

How to Use Editorial Calendars

May 2015

Content Marketing Metrics

Guest Blogging


User-Generated Content

June 2015

Employee-Generated Content


YouTube Cards

Headline Writing

July 2015

Image Sourcing Tools

Blogger Outreach

Content Marketing Teams


LinkedIn Publisher

August 2015



Blog Publishing Frequency

LinkedIn SlideShare Best Practices

September 2015

Video Marketing

Content Marketing Tools

Keyword Research

Repurposing Content

Licensed Content

October 2015

Evergreen Content

SEO Copywriting

Personalized Content

Sales & Content Integration

November 2015

Compelling Video Content

Gated Content


Holiday Content

December 2015


Content Formatting

Rented v. Owned Content

Editorial Calendar Planning

2016 Content Marketing Trends

January 2016

Sponsored Content

Content Mapping

Keyword Research

Power Words That Convert

February 2016

Interactive Content


Is More Content Better?

360-Degree Videos

March 2016

Agile Content Marketing

New Podcasting & Radio Platforms

Content Distribution

Content Atomization

Gated Content

April 2016

Editorial Content Calendars

Influencer Participation

Video Mistakes to Avoid


May 2016

Getting Influencers to Share

User-Generated Content

Vertical Video

Evergreen Content

June 2016

Lead Magnets

Quality Over Quantity

Content for the Customer’s Journey

High-Quality Podcast Interviews

Content Upgrades

July 2016

Managing Content Marketing

Video Marketing Basics

Video Marketing Measurement

Creating the Best Live Video

August 2016

Repurposing Content

Podcast Audio

Thought Leadership

Product Pages

Video Marketing

September 2016

Knowledge Base Articles

Medium Publishing

Duplicate Content

October 2016

Content Atomization

Sponsored Content

Content Upgrades


November 2016

Influencers and Content Marketing

Interactive Content

Quality Content Writing

Managing Content Creators

December 2016

Choosing the Best Type of Content

Content Design

Contextual Marketing

Corrective Marketing

Optimizing Landing Pages

January 2017

Podcast Promotion Strategy

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