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Crowdsource Your Way to the Best Landing Page

Authors: Chris Lucas Chris Lucas
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Crowdsource Your Way to the Best Landing Page

Today, most people are familiar with the concept of crowdfunding: Getting a project off the ground with small amounts of money raised from a large number of people online.

However, fewer know that this “appealing to the masses” approach can also be used to gather insight, generate feedback, and brainstorm solutions to business problems.

In the design space, crowdsourcing is being embraced as an efficient way to tap into the mindset of the customer and mine ideas directly from target audiences.

Landing pages are ripe for optimization through crowdsourcing. Not only do they provide a measurable snapshot of campaign success, they’re a tried-and-true gateway to conversion: Companies with 40 or more landing pages get 12 times more leads than those with 5 or less.

Despite this fact, most landing pages are not given the same level of design consideration and attention as the main website .

By crowdsourcing feedback on your landing page design, you’re provided the benefit of fresh eyes. It creates a virtual dialogue with other designers and marketers, and provides a focus group ready to share their insights and ideas for improvement.

Formstack’s PageCritiq is one tool designed specifically to crowdsource landing page feedback online. Users can submit their page for critique from other designers and community members, join the discussion, and rate other landing pages at random, providing an objective analysis for every user.

Whether you deploy PageCritiq or another web design crowdsourcing tool, here are a few tips to help you kick off your own optimization study.

Create Customized Questions to Ask the Crowd

First, consider your goals for the page. What action do you want the site visitor to take? Once you’ve determined this call to action, you can create questions that assess whether your test audience feels compelled to take that desired next step.

Examples might include:

  • “Which pricing plan stands out to you?”
  • “How well do you think the images fit the message?”
  • “If you were visiting this page, where would you click next?”

Consider Multichannel Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing platforms and tools are great—but they’re not the only way to gather consensus from your customers. Social media is another great way to test new messaging, landing page layouts, and even call to action button designs.

Post options to consider on your company Facebook page, and ask your fans which design resonates with them. Or, apply the same concept to Twitter. Use your feed to offer your followers a choice of designs, and ask them for feedback on which version they like best.

Not only does crowdsourcing through social media allow you to gather valuable insights from your most engaged audiences, it shows your customers you value their feedback and want to establish a two-way dialogue to make your product or service better. That’s one of the cornerstones of good customer service.

Test, Evaluate, and Adjust (and be ready to do it again)

Crowdsourcing is a great forum to support A/B testing. Not only can you get feedback on your initial landing page, but you can also make adjustments based on the first round of feedback, and then test again (and again, and again!)

If you’re crowdsourcing feedback on your landing page design, don’t forget to test the performance of these key components:

  • Headline – It’s the first thing visitors see when they land on your page. ‘Nuff said.
  • Copy – Make sure your messaging outlines your offer in a clear, concise and compelling voice.
  • Keywords – You’re constantly optimizing these already, right?
  • Social sharing – Extend your reach to new visitors by harnessing the power of your social network.
  • Lead-capture/conversion form – Make sure your form is well-designed and easy to complete on any device. Getting visitors to complete the form and share their information is the whole point of this exercise!
  • Images – Choose images that add value and help illustrate the value of your product, service, or offer.
  • Thank you messaging – Provide closure for your customer. Make sure they know you received their submission, and that you value their input.


Landing page optimization is an ongoing process, often involving many small but significant tweaks that can make a big difference in conversions and your bottom line.

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