Why You Need Realtime Insights

Why You Need Realtime Insights

Convince & Convert focuses on bringing the most valuable and actionable strategies, research, and case studies to digital marketers each day through our blog, email, and podcasts. And today, we’re excited to add even more delicious content to help you understand not only what’s working, but also what’s trending so you can make realtime decisions.

We’ve partnered with Scott Monty, former head of social media at Ford, and Zignal Labs, a leading realtime data analysis tool, to bring you two new columns that will round out our content offering with timely news, trends, data, and insights on what is happening in the world of digital right now.

On Mondays, read the Realtime Today segment for the latests realtime stats and insights from Zignal Labs. On Fridays, The Monty Minute tells you everything you need to know about the current platform, content, digital, economic, data, and entertainment trends from Scott Monty. You can peruse the inaugural issues of both here:

What the IRS and Ashley Madison Should Have Learned About Cybersecurity

Why Humanization is More Important Than Ever


Both segments will run on http://convinceandconvert.com/blog each week, and you can also subscribe to receive them in their entirety via email:

Realtime Today: http://candc.ly/realtimetoday
The Monty Minute: http://candc.ly/montyminute

Got a story you’d like us to feature or an event that you’d like to get some data and commentary on? Tweet us @convince with the hashtag #realtimetoday or #themontyminute. We’d love to hear from you!

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