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Social Pros Podcast with Jeramie McPeek

Jeramie McPeek, Vice President of Digital at the Phoenix Suns, joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss the structure of his social media team, the evolution of digital marketing over the past 20 years, and how to deal with negativity in social media when your brand is really struggling.

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Constant Evolution

Many of our guests have been working in social at their respective companies for a few years. Occasionally, we have a guest who is new to his/her brand, and we get a peek at the first 100 days in a position like this.

Today, we have the opposite: Jeramie McPeek has been in charge of the Phoenix Suns‘ digital presence for 23 years. And as the field has changed drastically (when he started working for the Suns, they didn’t have a website because no one did), so has his role. As the winner of the 2014 Digital Innovator Award given by the NBA, Jeramie credits his team and upper management for letting him grow his social team the way he sees fit.

Jeramie’s team tracks all the ticket links they push out as one of their KPIs, but this doesn’t mean they can measure all of the ROI their efforts are creating. Between merch, season tickets, sponsorships, and brand journalism/news, there are a lot of moving pieces. His background in traditional media helps him balance the fact that there are only so many tweets his team can publish.

What surprises Jeramie the most about his job today is the fact that he’s pushing content out on channels other than the brand’s own website.

When the NBA was pushing the teams to get on MySpace, he thought they were crazy. Why would they want to spend time creating a presence somewhere they didn’t have complete control? Then Shaq joined Twitter, and social exploded for the NBA. “I wish I could say I saw that coming,” Jeramie says. “It really is incredible how fast things have changed.”

Social Media Number of the Week: 22

Facebook and SalesForce teamed up to find out how well email and Facebook ads work (or don’t work) in tandem with each other. As it turns out, they make a pretty good team.

The segment of consumers who opened both Facebook and email ads were 22% more likely to purchase than those who had only opened email ads. It seems that when you can reach those engaged fans who are connected to you in both places, you’ll see an increased rate of return.

It makes sense that this type of reinforcement would work, especially with the extensive targeting that Facebook ads offer now. You can actually use Facebook ads to remind people to look for your email, or even for a direct mail campaign. These highly targeted campaigns are a great option as a secondary marketing tactic to reinforce the primary, more traditional tactics.

This looks like the beginning of the end of seeing ads for products that you’ve just purchased.

See you next week!

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