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Are You Using the Right Social Media Tools?

Authors: Jay Baer Ian Cleary
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Apple Podcast Reviews:

The Social Pros podcast has quickly become a favorite in my feed! I'm consistently impressed by the engaging conversations, insightful content, and actionable ideas. I truly learn something every time I listen!

@Arlie K

This is absolutely an awesome listen for anyone in communications or social media!!


This podcast has become one of my staple weekly podcasts for learning about marketing! Love the conversations that they have and it's always enjoyable and educational!


Love the podcast - informative, in depth and spot on for any business size.


Ian Cleary, Founder of RazorSocial, joins the Social Pros Podcast to share his PRISM secret to building a profitable presence using the tools of social media and content marketing.

ian-cleary-instagramGo Where the People Are

Many content marketers cast a wide net when it comes to social. They believe that the wider the net, the larger the haul of audience attention and, ultimately, sales conversions. In reality, the opposite is true.
Ian’s expertise in social tools has shown him that adding platforms without thoughtful consideration leads to a diluted message that is broadcast to a large but improper audience. Your content becomes weak and falls on deaf ears.
The key to avoiding this nightmare scenario is to carefully consider your social tools through a PRISM methodology. By learning who your audience is and where they live online, you can select a tool that will deliver your content directly to them in a format best suited to ensure their engagement.
Ian’s approach benefits your brand by cutting down on wasteful spending from investment in popular but incompatible social platforms and increasing the impact and efficacy of your content. His advice helps any brand’s content find success through tactics that fit strategy.

In This Episode

  • How people, relationships, inbound traffic, subscribers, and modernization leads to a powerful utilization of social tools
  • Why finding success in a crowded market means discovering your niche and nonstop engagement
  • How dedicating time to analyzing your social tools leads to better ROI
  • Why becoming an influencer means a focus on consistency, delivery, and engagement
  • How adding channels without analysis leads to a diluted message for the wrong audience


Quotes From This Episode

“If you’re building a relevant audience, then size does matter.” —@IanCleary
“You can build relationships at scale with great content or build relationships with influencers on a one-to-one basis.” —@IanCleary
“Building an email subscriber list is still essential if you want to generate income online.” —@IanCleary
“Content marketers and social media marketers need to understand more about building sales funnels that work with the audience they’ve built relationships with.” —@IanCleary
“Identifying that niche of the tool space allowed me to stand out and that made things move quicker.” —@IanCleary
“If you’re going to invest in a tool, you need to invest that time to learn the full potential of that tool. Most people use only a small piece of the functionality available to them.” —@IanCleary
“If you’re not successful on two or three channels, adding another one is not going to help.” —@IanCleary
“If anyone comes to your site and reads a poor quality post, they have a bad impression of you and the brand, which is damaging and it’s very hard to change that impression.” —@IanCleary


See you next week!

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