Brace Yourself for the Marketing Rebellion

Mark Schaefer

Mark Schaefer, keynote speaker and author of Marketing Rebellion, joins the Content Experience Show Podcast to discuss the consumer revolt against marketing.

In This Episode:

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Consumers Are Mounting a Marketing Rebellion

Mark Schaefer kept hearing the same thing from marketers across the globe: Things weren’t working like they used to. Engagement was down; ad blockers were on the rise. There was a marketing rebellion underway, and marketers were losing control over the conversation around their brand.

That control has transferred into the hands of consumers, who are tired of brands dominating digital spaces, burying themselves in their dashboards, and failing to meet customers’ needs. The marketing world, Mark explains, is due for a wake-up call.

Mark walks Randy and Anna through the reasons for this radical shift and why he believes consumers—not marketers—will win the day. You’ll hear examples of brands that are already adapting (and thriving) as well as new ways of thinking about audience engagement, influencer marketing, and word of mouth.

In This Episode

  • The seismic shift in consumer behavior that marketers around the world are feeling.
  • How technology has warped our ability to meet customers’ needs.
  • Why “personalization” isn’t always “personal.”
  • A case study from a brand that centers the customer as marketer.
  • Questions brands should ask themselves as ownership of their own marketing slips further and further from their control.
  • Why the consumer rebellion against advertising is destined to succeed.

Quotes From This Episode

“Our customers have moved away from us. People have locked into marketing in a certain way without looking up to see how the world has changed.” – @markwschaefer

Consumers have been rebelling against annoying marketing and advertising for a hundred years, and every time they have rebelled, they win. Click To Tweet

“Through technology, people have the opportunity to self-select into like-minded islands.” – @markwschaefer

“If you’re still one of those people out there rolling their eyes about influencer marketing, come on. Wake up. It’s real. It works.” – @markwschaefer


Content Experience Lightning Round

If you were to write yet another book, what would be its focus?

Mark is a great admirer of Brené Brown and, like Brown, aspires to have a positive impact on humanity through his writing.

See you next week!

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