Facebook Lost 15 Million Users, What Now?

Facebook Lost 15 Million Users, What Now?

Tom Webster, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Marketing at Edison Research, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss how and why Facebook lost an epic portion of users in just two years.

In This Episode:

Tom Webster

Edison Research

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Is This the End of the Road for Facebook? Facebook Lost 15 Million Users, What Now?

The social media landscape seems to have leveled off over the last few years with no major changes to its user base to trouble ourselves with. That is, until now. According to Edison Research’s 2019 Infinite Dial Report, Facebook’s user base declined by a staggering 15 million since 2017. 

Tom Webster, the Senior Vice President at Edison Research, put the numbers in perspective when he compared Facebook’s usage decline to the population of Pennsylvania & New Mexico combined. The results from this comprehensive and highly-regarded survey follow a similar pattern as last year, which saw a Facebook usage decline of eight percent in 2018. 

Is this the end of the road for Facebook? Why, after so many years of growth and prosperity, has Facebook seen such a drastic reduction in usage in the United States? Tune in to hear from Tom Webster, the man with his finger on the pulse of what’s happening on social media and who can tell us once and for all if it’s time to finally abandon Facebook as a social media tactic. 

In This Episode: 

  • 07:10 – What the findings from this year’s Infinite Dial Report means for the future of Facebook  
  • 14:46 – Why Pinterest is a great platform for ad targeting 
  • 16:31 – An insight into the questions that Edison Research receives from major social networks
  • 19:46 Why you shouldn’t underestimate the power of LinkedIn as a social platform
  • 22:10 How smartphone and tablet usage has impacted screen real estate
  • 29:49Why the popularity and usage of speaker technology will continue to evolve 

Quotes From This Episode: 

“Pinterest is an excellent place to spread your seed in hopes of your seed finding purchase.@webby2001 

Although LinkedIn’s usage number doesn’t appear to change year after year, lying beneath its apparent flat surface is a significant churn and a vibrant and active platform. Click To Tweet

“If you’re useful, trustworthy & can reduce some of the friction in your customer’s lives, you’ll secure a place on their smart speaker.” @webby2001 



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