How 130,000 RE/MAX Agents Use Social Media

How 130,000 RE/MAX Agents Use Social Media

Kayla Roofe, Sr. Social Media Manager at RE/MAX joins us on Social Pros to talk about how social media plays a role in how we buy and sell property.

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Social Is Changing the Real Estate IndustryHow 130,000 RE/MAX Agents Use Social Media

Buying a home is a huge expense. For most people, purchasing a property to call home is the largest investment they will ever make.

The way we browse for the perfect home has changed a lot since the good old days of newspaper listings and real estate drop-ins. Nowadays, you can search and potentially find your dream home from the comfort of your couch (or wherever you happen to be). Kayla Roofe, the Sr. Social Media Manager at RE/MAX LLC, leverages social media to broadcast new listings and ultimately, sell more houses.

She works with a staggering 130,000 RE/MAX agents from all over the world. Aligning that many team members around social and making sure that they’re doing it ‘right’ has got to be one of the most difficult jobs out there. Thankfully, Kayla is a social pro herself and doesn’t hold back when it comes to sharing the best tips for selling something as expensive and potentially life-changing as a brand-new home.

In This Episode:

  • 04:28 – How RE/MAX’s social team is structured worldwide
  • 06:30 – A look inside RE/MAX’s social media strategy
  • 08:24 – How social media has disrupted the real estate industry
  • 12:37 – How real estate agents can use social media in the “right way”
  • 14:53 – Key metrics Kayla uses when working with agents to help them improve their social media strategies
  • 19:03 – How RE/MAX streamlines social content production across different franchisees
  • 22:03 – How RE/MAX use influencers to help build credibility with their audience
  • 25:13 – The importance of offering good customer service on social media
  • 30:04 – How Kayla coordinates with the CEO

Quotes From This Episode:

Position yourself as an expert with senior executives.” – @KaylaRoofe

You're not going to buy knee surgery on Craigslist. Why would you do the same thing for your home? Click To Tweet

We really streamline our content to fit what that channel is used for.” – @KaylaRoofe



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