How a Funk Band Wins with Word of Mouth

How a Funk Band Wins with Word of Mouth

Episode 8 of The Talk Triggers Show investigates a funk band from Nashville that has overcome all odds and uses word of mouth to sell out their shows every night.

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Do you remember when music was expensive? Most of us had to save all of our pocket money just to buy a single cassette. But nowadays, you can listen to your favorite musicians on repeat, and it won’t leave you scrounging for pennies. While monthly streaming subscriptions and unlimited access to the latest tunes is great news for us, it doesn’t leave a whole lot for the actual musicians.

The internet has hollowed out the revenue, leaving musicians with nothing but scraps. If a performer wants to make a living from their music, they’ve got to tour and sell overpriced merch. It’s a tough business. You could be the most talented singer in the world and still struggle to catch your ‘big break.’

So, what can you do to make yourself stand out in a sea of Swift’s and Springsteen’s?

Well, coming up with a talk trigger is a good start. A talk trigger like the one that a funk band from Nashville uses to sell out their shows every night.

Find out what has fans filling venues whenever this band puts on a gig on episode 8 of The Talk Triggers Show!

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