How a Microsite Can Take Your Content to the Next Level

Nick Steeves, Chief Product Officer at Wishpond, joins the Content Pros Podcast to share his success with pop-ups, microsites, and contextual call-to-actions.

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Marketing Marketing to Marketers

Pop-ups are often thought of as necessary but also as cumbersome, annoying, and sometimes destructive when it comes to moving a prospect along the funnel. However, it is possible to have your cake and eat it too when it comes to conversions and pop-ups.

Nick has cultivated a career in successfully using pop-ups to turn prospects into leads and leads into sales. Through careful targeting and contextual CTAs, he takes the sting out of those previously pesky pop-ups and makes them an invaluable marketing tool.

He also has the in-depth knowledge in marketing required to actually market to the well-versed and wary audience of marketers themselves. When it comes to this group, it’s about losing the tricks and focusing on providing a no-nonsense value offer.

Another trick he keeps up his sleeve involves utilizing the power of microsites to drive SEO and transform your ranking from chump to champ. By creating a site loaded with carefully selected keywords and value-driven content that educates, inspires, and engages, your brand can draw a wealth of new qualified leads.

In This Episode

  • How effective, targeted pop-up management leads customers beyond annoyance to conversion
  • Why marketing to marketers means taking off the black hat and providing straight value
  • How creating a microsite can lead to keyword dominance
  • Why a convincing call-to-action means moving the CTA from the bottom to the top


Quotes From This Episode

“You don’t want to be showing the pop-up to every single person who is on any single page of your website.” —@nicksteeves

“We wanted to try this path because we saw how big these sites were going to be.” —@nicksteeves

“You see people pick one and then dig deep into the topic that they’re interested in.” —@nicksteeves

“So many people are getting bombarded with emails asking them to check out content they’ve been mentioned in that we’ve seen the ROI on that tactic go down a lot.” —@nicksteeves

“If we’re going to do something that is going to rank for these keywords, it cannot be something that we put out in a couple of days.” —@nicksteeves

“If you can be really targeted and really granular with your offers in site, that’s what’s going to get people to convert.” —@nicksteeves



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