How Auntie Anne’s Pretzels Is Taking Social by Storm

How Auntie Anne’s Pretzels Is Taking Social by Storm

Bari Rosenstein, Social Media Manager at Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, joins this episode of Social Pros to talk all about her winning social media strategy.

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Creating Social Content for Hungry Pretzel FansHow Auntie Annes Pretzels Is Taking Social by Storm

Bari Rosenstein, Social Media Manager at Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, is back on the Social Pros Podcast, this time to share her strategies behind promoting pretzels to a growing fanbase.

Impressively, Bari works as a social team of one but collaborates with other social media managers in the Focus Brands portfolio and beyond. In this episode, she discusses how Auntie Anne’s likes to use user-generated content from its passionate fans to create relatable social content.

Bari also explains how she reaches out to influencers and how a simple gift of free pretzels led to a highly successful campaign during the Olympics.

One of the reasons Bari loves her current role is that it’s so open to trying new creative ideas.  That’s why she’s been experimenting with the increasingly popular Auntie Anne’s TikTok channel.

In This Episode:

  • 5:59 – Auntie Anne’s expansion into drive-throughs and beyond
  • 8:46 – Where Auntie Anne’s works within the Focus Brands family
  • 10:33 – How Auntie Anne’s works with franchisees on larger marketing efforts
  • 13:58 – Bari walks us through how they manage the social media calendar
  • 16:09 – The reports and KPIs that Bari measures for franchisees and the larger business
  • 18:12 – How Bari manages to be a social media team of one
  • 23:10 – How the Focus Brands social media managers collaborate
  • 26:10 – How Bari gained the trust of her team to post freely on social
  • 28:28 – Bari talks about how Auntie Anne’s crisis management works and the struggles during the pandemic
  • 31:52 – Where influencer marketing fits into the Auntie Anne’s social strategy
  • 36:27 – Bari shares her ultimate Auntie Anne’s pick
  • 37:41 – Bari’s top tip for those looking to become a social pro

Quotes From This Episode:

“We will be using content creators and influencers to help promote our campaign just because we saw such a great return from our influencers where we just DM them and send them pretzels for free.” Click To Tweet

“Social is such a grey area. It’s very hard to understand if you didn’t grow up with it. And a lot of our franchisees are older and lean on their younger employees to help.”@basicallybari

“[Within Focus Brands] We all have the end goal of creating great content and engaging content. So we help each other.”@basicallybari


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