How Google Uses Social Media to Enchant Developers Globally

How Google Uses Social Media to Enchant Developers Globally

Anna Gonzalez, Social Media Strategy Lead at Google Developer Studio, joins the Social Pros podcast to discuss how Google uses new technology and social media to connect audiences.

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Experiment on Social Media“Social media has matured enough in its industry that we can show & also speak to the business value.”

Google may be a massive company with lots of resources and a seemingly infinite budget, but they still have many of the same questions and struggles as the rest of us.

Social media is a continuously evolving medium, and as social practitioners, we need to keep up if we want to continue to thrive in this space. This is something that all brands have in common, and Google is no exception. As Anna Gonzalez, Social Media Strategy Lead at Google Developer Studio, states, “we’re constantly growing and thinking about how to do things more efficiently.”

Anna also emphasizes the importance of being open to experimentation on social media and why being authentic is vital when communicating with developers. Tune in to hear more about how the Google Developer Studio team uses different social measurement methodologies to stay relevant, enchant developers, and navigate social media without a king-sized budget.

In This Episode:

  • 05:11 – What Google Developer Studio is and how it works
  • 07:37 – What the social team looks like at Google Developer Studio
  • 10:46 – How different developers use social media
  • 14:08 – Finding new and creative ways to connect with developers
  • 18:50 – The mix between sharing Google Developer Studio content vs. content about developers
  • 20:59 – How Anna works with advocates, influencers, and micro-influencers
  • 23:37 – How to strike a balance between planning and spontaneity when posting on social media
  • 27:09 – How Google Developer Studio adapts social measurement methodologies
  • 30:13 – Why senior leadership are putting greater focus on social during the pandemic
  • 33:40 – How to navigate social media without the big budget
  • 37:53 – Working on side projects at Google

Quotes From This Episode:

The goal of our team is to really engage people, whether you're a beginner or more senior engineer, there's always something new to learn. Click To Tweet

“Data storytelling is what’s really key and explaining how you’re using social to really drive business value.”

“Have a weekly review of the content and say, are we living up to these goals that we set for ourselves?”


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