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How Hilton’s Social Media Center of Excellence Keeps Guests Coming Back

Authors: Sabrina Callahan
Posted Under: Social Pros Podcast
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Anna Hrach

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About Social Pros Podcast:

Social Pros is one of the most popular marketing podcasts in the world, and was recently named the best podcast at the Content Marketing Awards. Listen for real insight on the real people doing real work in social media. You get the inside stories and behind-the-scenes secrets about how companies like Ford, Dell, IBM, ESPN, and dozens more staff, operate, and measure their social media programs.

iTunes Reviews:

It wasn't enough that Jay Baer wrote a book, has an amazing blog and does amazing work -- he now had to add podcasting to his arsenal. Break a leg!


I started following Jay on Twitter about a year ago and have really appreciated the great content he has put out. This podcast goes above and beyond though, and really gets to the meat of what is going on in the social and digital media space. Keep up the good work @jaybaer!


This show is so good that I can't stop listening to it. Learn how to use social media and ecommerce to grow your business.


Thank you so much for providing this not only interesting show, but also fun!


Sabrina Callahan, Director of Social Media Planning & Integration at Hilton Worldwide, joins Social Pros for a deep dive into social media centers.

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Building a Better Experience

Timing is everything. Providing a good experience and caring for your customers takes far more than just responding to complaints. By the time someone voices an issue, you have already missed the opportunity to create that stellar experience they were looking for and are left with clean up.
It is crucial to monitor and react in real time, creating real human engagement. For Hilton Worldwide, this meant developing a powerful social media center to manage the numerous brands and hundreds of worldwide locations.
This level of listening and intentional effort to engage customers takes serious coordination within your team. Setting up a social media center to keep everything pushing towards that killer customer experience might be a critical next step, especially when managing multiple brands.

In This Episode

  • How to set up a social media center to manage social teams across multiple brands.
  • How to customize social engagement for each brand and audience.
  • Why social is about long-term gains rather than immediate returns.
  • How to build customer loyalty without just going for the sale.

Quotes From This Episode

At the end of the day, listening to your guests is the most important thing. You need to have a resource ready to hear them and then do something about it. Click To Tweet
“It doesn’t matter what source customers are getting to us by. If they’re hitting us on social, we want to be able to take that data and that real-time engagement and do something with it to enhance their experience and customer journey along the way.” — @sabscallahan
“The true power of social media is creating that organic connection that makes guests want to come back to you and continue to engage with you.” — @sabscallahan


See you next week!

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