How Hollywood Story Lessons Can Improve Your Social and Your Life

How Hollywood Story Lessons Can Improve Your Social and Your Life

Kristina Paider, Chief Creative Officer at The Hollywood Approach, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss how we can apply movie inspiration to our lives. We also speak about Kristina’s book “The Hollywood Approach,” which shows you how to live your wildest dreams, movie-style!

In This Episode:

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Be the Hero of Your Own Story“When we address flaws & obstacles in business, that’s the magic spot where we start to connect with people”

How can we become the heroes of our own stories? Whether we’re thinking about our businesses or ourselves, a little movie inspiration goes a long way. Kristina Paider, Chief Creative Officer and author of The Hollywood Approach shows us how we can use movie magic to make our wildest dreams a reality.

Kristina uses her wisdom as a story strategist and screenwriter to apply the principles of Hollywood stories to real life. She encourages everyone to “boss up and be the screenwriter of your show.” By channeling your resources, exploring your character DNA, finding your strengths, and learning from mentors, you can achieve great things. This applies to businesses looking to level-up their company as much as it does to individuals.

As Kristina discusses in this episode of Social Pros, you must move away from perfectionism – and instead, embrace your strengths AND flaws to become the hero of your own story.

In This Episode:

  • 5:48 – What “The Hollywood Approach” is and how storytelling applies to businesses
  • 8:01 – Why businesses are hesitant to embrace storytelling
  • 9:32 – What hit TV show “Cobra Kai” can teach us about using flaws in storytelling
  • 11:18 – How to apply the three elements of storytelling to business (character, goal, obstacles)
  • 12:28 – How to make your 2021 content binge-worthy
  • 13:15 – How using flaws can humanize your business
  • 16:07 – The importance of being the hero of your own story by identifying your own strengths, flaws, and superpowers
  • 20:40 – What is a “log line,” and how can businesses use them?
  • 22:35 – Kristina discusses the use of movie-style log lines to define goals and purposes on social media
  • 23:41 – How to use The Hollywood Approach to define customer profiles
  • 25:11 – How Kristina feels about storytelling in 15 seconds
  • 27:23 – Kristina’s take on refreshing existing business stories
  • 28:25 – Why looking at the “cast and characters” in your business is more important than ever
  • 30:48 – Kristina discusses her free bonus content, including movie-style exercises and resources
  • 36:17 – Kristina’s discusses her top tips for social pros

Quotes From This Episode:

My tip is to boss-up and be the screenwriter of your show Click To Tweet

“We want to be talking about flaws that humanize the cast and characters in a company.” – Kristina Paider

“It’s always interesting to see…how universal story is”


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