How Mayo Clinic Dominates Social Media

Lee Aase, Director of the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network, joins the Social Pros Podcast to share his successful approach to maximizing one-to-one customer journeys across all social touchpoints, both internal and external, in a strictly regulated industry.

In This Episode:

Lee Aase

Mayo Clinic Social Media Network

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Running a successful social campaign in a tightly regulated environment such as healthcare can be a daunting task for any marketing professional. Between privacy laws, data security, and overcoming the public’s “ick” factor for some topics, generating organic reach can seem nigh impossible. How can you overcome these obstacles to create an authentic journey for your customers and highly skilled employees?

According to Lee, it’s all about training, collaboration, and sharing. He has successfully translated the Mayo Clinic’s mission of inspiration, contribution, and placing the patient first into a series of internal and external social platforms that meet the needs of their diverse community of patients, staff, and medical professionals.

These networks are not created for mass appeal but are targeted to support their audience in learning, sharing, and healing. This social infrastructure is held up by a strong educational base of Lee’s design that has helped catapult the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network to success with over 800,000 connections on Facebook alone.

In This Episode

  • How a solid training program leads to a successful and embedded social network
  • Why tight government regulations don’t have to mean a social desert for your community
  • How a well-executed social plan, coupled with training, leads to empowered and professionally advancing employees
  • Why being professionally responsible means being active on social


Quotes From This Episode

“We want to make healthcare better. If we can do that through social, then we want to do that.” —@LeeAase

“Our founders felt the compulsion to learn from others so they could provide the best patient care and an obligation to share what they were learning.” —@LeeAase

“We trust our employees with narcotics and sharp instruments, so we can probably trust them with Facebook and Twitter, too.” —@LeeAase

“We provide on-demand training to those who are interested in using social.” —@LeeAase

“Once they are certified, we can have the confidence that they know the appropriate way to be on social.” —@LeeAase

“Our employees make our brand every day.” —@LeeAase



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