How Mission-Based Marketing Activates Your Audience

Laura Hnatow

Laura Hnatow, Sea Bags’ VP of E-Commerce & Marketing, joins the Content Experience Show Podcast to discuss building a brand through mission-based marketing.

In This Episode:

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Laura Hnatow

When Passion Meets Product

Dacron, the textile used to make most boats’ sails, doesn’t decompose. Once a sail is discarded, it sits in a landfill—that is, unless it’s transformed into a Sea Bag. That’s where Laura Hnatow and her team enter the picture, transforming this small act of recycling into the heart of Sea Bags’ mission-based marketing.

The root of Sea Bags’ tremendous retail success is its emphasis on its unique brand story. Through video storytelling and user-generated social media content, Laura and her team nurture a devoted community of customers by placing the story of every Sea Bag front and center. This mission-based approach helps Sea Bags stand out from other retail brands who place less emphasis on the story behind their product.

In this episode, VP of E-Commerce and Marketing Laura Hnatow details the ways Sea Bags shapes its messaging, collaborates across departments, and activates its audience. You’ll hear stories from its most successful content marketing campaigns as well as strategies they use when courting customers offline. It’s a powerful example of what happens when a brand treats sustainability not as a PR ploy, but rather a pillar of brand identity.

In This Episode

  • What mission-based marketing looks like for a retail brand.
  • How sustainability shapes Sea Bags’ marketing messaging.
  • What makes Sea Bags’ brand story video so moving.
  • How the Sea Bags team collaborates effectively across departments.
  • Strategies for activating your audience on social media in service of your brand’s mission.

Quotes From This Episode

“Ideas originate everywhere in the company. Because we are so cross-functional, we have that ability to share, and then take that and run with it.” – @hnatow

I love video for so many reasons. It hits on all the senses, and it connects with the broadest audience. Click To Tweet

“If you have the opportunity to touch or feel our bag, you experience and understand it just a little bit differently than just by looking at it on a page or on a screen.” – @hnatow


Content Experience Lightning Round

What other passion would you love to explore in a podcast, and who would be your first guest?

As a lifelong sewer, Laura would love to host a podcast about all things sewing and kick things off with an interview with Heidi Klum!

See you next week!

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