How opendorse Revolutionized Athlete Marketing in Social Media

How opendorse Revolutionized Athlete Marketing in Social Media

Blake Lawrence and Adi Kunalic, Co-Founders of opendorse, join the Social Pros Podcast to discuss their incredible athlete marketing platform and how its revolutionizing the way the sports industry uses social.

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Power Comes with Content How opendorse Revolutionized Athlete Marketing in Social Media

The influencer marketing landscape is at its pinnacle with brands seeking help from ‘prized’ influencers to drive their message to audiences large enough to pack out hundreds, if not thousands, of sports stadiums. But not every influencer is a born marketer.

Athletes are prime examples of influencers who, despite not being natural marketers, get worldwide attention from their social audience. Thus, brands and sponsors see athletes as the “golden chalice” of influencers who have the unique power to reach millions of sports fans with every post they publish on social media.

According to Adi Kunalic and Blake Lawrence from opendorse, the ability to reach the masses on social isn’t exclusive to the most influential entities in sports media. The average athlete has a 6% engagement rate on social compared to the average sports team, which has an engagement rate of just 0.3%.

In This Episode:

  • 03:58 – How athletes use opendorse to share content with their audience
  • 08:34 – Why more employee advocacy platforms should consider personalizing the experience
  • 12:39 – How opendorse can help you build your brand
  • 18:03 – What type of content works best for engagement
  • 22:39 – How to use reporting and analytics to get more value from influencer marketing
  • 32:23 – How opendorse can help brands establish relationships with athletes

Quotes From This Episode:

“The mouthpiece of every sports team are the athletes and the need for those athletes to be on brand and properly communicating about their experience on the team or on the league is critical.” – @Blake_Lawrence

“The combination of the software and the services you provide is what makes you valuable to someone.” – @Kunalic

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