How Patrón Uses Immersive Digital to Drive Global Tequila Demand

Adrian Parker, VP of Digital Marketing at the Patrón Spirits Company, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss how a global brand with 70% market share pushes growth through digital storytelling and social.

In This Episode:

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Adrian Parker - InstagramThree Cheers for Social Media

When you hold nearly 3/4 of the global market on a product, it can be difficult to find new and interesting ways of connecting with your audience. It’s also easy to think you can rest on your laurels and cut back on the marketing budget because a majority of the world already knows of and purchases your product.

Adrian applies his 15+ years of marketing experience to this challenge by focusing on keeping Patrón in the forefront of every tequila drinker’s mind; from occasional consumers to connoisseurs. He knows that the key to this long-range customer retention is educating, engaging, and surprising them through close social listening, moment targeting, and inclusion of distributors as customers.

The other key to Adrian’s success with Patrón is a proactive approach to learning not only about his company’s rich history, but keeping abreast of the latest advances in social that can help him connect with customers all over the globe. With this technological and historical knowledge, Adrian ensures his consumers are equipped with the information and interest to enjoy his product.

In This Episode

  • Why being the biggest brand in your field doesn’t mean shifting resources away from growing your customer base
  • How education leads to more engaged customers and advocates
  • Why accelerating change means embracing digital and social marketing
  • How advances in social technology leads to reinvention of your product
  • Why successful social marketing means a focus on moments instead of platforms
  • How performance indicators (as opposed to measurements) lead to more support for marketing initiatives


Quotes From This Episode

“Digital has been a great early pioneer of telling our story and helping to drive not only share of mind but share of stomach and share of consumption.” —@adriandparker

“It’s more about educating bartenders, mixologists, consumers, and people that sell and warehouse your brand about why it’s different and how profitable it is.” —@adriandparker

“Amazon Echo is making us smarter marketers and it’s adding value to our consumer experience.” —@adriandparker

“It is less about what media channel to use to tell the story and more about what moment we are targeting.” —@adriandparker

“We partner with some cool tech platforms and commercial platforms that help us impact consumers.” —@adriandparker

“When you look at what social and digital can do, especially globally, it allows us to not only pay for a placement, but also pay for an outcome.” —@adriandparker

“Social media is giving you a real-time snapshot of not only consumer sentiment, but consumer health.” —@adriandparker

“We’re finding ways to drive demand and increase consumption internationally that are accelerated by social and digital media.” —@adriandparker



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