How Research Powered This Enormous Social Media Success

How Research Powered This Enormous Social Media Success

Anna Hrach, Content Strategist at Convince & Convert, sits on the other side of the microphone for this episode of the Social Pros Podcast to discuss how her and the team built an app that has the potential to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

In This Episode:

Anna Hrach

Convince & Convert

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Research is key to successHow Research Powered This Enormous Social Media Success

Never underestimate the power of research. Yes, intuition and going with your gut instinct can help you reach greater heights on social media, but research is what will help you achieve your biggest goals.

Content Strategist at Convince & Convert, Anna Hrach, leveraged the power of research to do something truly remarkable. Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s become vitally important to help reduce the spread of the virus by listening to advice from medical professionals such as wearing a face mask and following social distance rules.

However, Anna and the team at Convince & Convert took it one step further by helping our client, The University of Arizona, launch an app that alerts you when it suspects you may have had potential exposure to COVID-19 from somebody who has tested positive. It’s a ground-breaking app and one that can potentially help reduce the spread of the virus and save thousands of lives. Hear all about it on this episode of Social Pros with the wonderful, Anna Hrach.

In This Episode:

  • 04:13 – Anna describes her role as a strategist at Convince & Convert
  • 05:11 – How the COVID Watch Arizona app came about and how it works
  • 07:46 – The important role of developing and utilizing research to help get the app up and running
  • 09:21 – How the five distinct segments of the college student population were believed to interact with the app differently
  • 12:43 –Why it was so important to use assets and messaging that reflected how students communicate with each other
  • 14:25 – The mechanics of the second set of assets that other parts of the campus could use and why this approach was so effective
  • 16:58 – How student influencers helped to spread awareness of the app amongst their peers
  • 19:42 – How we used social listening to help answer people’s questions about the app
  • 24:33 – How the app was received in terms of downloads
  • 28:04 – What Anna would have done differently back when the app first rolled out

Quotes From This Episode:

“Our phones & the platforms that we have today know more about us than we know about ourselves”

“There was an insane amount of research that went into this app…that is one of the reasons why this project has been so successful”

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