How Social Unites 4000+ Clubs to Support One Great Cause

How Social Unites 4300 Clubs to Support One Great Cause

Tiffany Rivers, Social Media Manager at Boys & Girls Clubs of America, talks about how her team has leveraged social to bring 4000+ clubs together.

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Social Unites How Social Unites 4300 Clubs to Support One Great Cause

Not everyone agrees with each other on social media. Spontaneous (and often heated) debates can spark from the most unlikely post or tweet. So, who would have thought that when COVID-19 sent millions into isolation that social media would be the very thing that helps bring people together?

Social has played a significant role in bringing families, friends, and colleagues together during an incredibly difficult time. Tiffany Rivers, the Social Media Manager at Boys & Girls Clubs of America, has managed to successfully leverage the power of social to bring over 4,000 clubs together to support one worthy cause.

As you can imagine, this was no easy feat considering each of the 4,000+ clubs are in different locations around the country, each with their own CEO, leadership, and teams. So, how did Tiffany work with all of these clubs to ensure everyone told the same story in unison so that they could continue their work helping make great futures a reality for America’s youth? Find out on this inspiring episode of Social Pros!

In This Episode:

  • 03:50 – How Tiffany works with marketing and communications colleagues
  • 09:26 – How to change an organization’s view on social media
  • 12:37 – How the clubs leveraged internal talent, virtual programming, and social during COVID-19
  • 18:45 – Why it’s so important to come together during difficult times
  • 20:47 – Tiffany talks about the club’s partnerships with people such as Denzel Washington, Katy Perry, and Beyoncé
  • 28:00 – How to determine what messages go out on which social channels
  • 33:08 – How Tiffany makes sure that messages are consistent across all 4,000+ clubs

Quotes From This Episode:

“Our brand voice is consistent across all of our social channels so we can engage our audiences and get the support we need” – @tiffriv

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