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How the Availability of New Data Is Changing the Way We Do Influencer Marketing

Authors: Heidi Sullivan Jay Krall
Posted Under: Influence Pros Podcast
About Influence Pros Podcast:

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Jay Krall, Director of Product Management at DataSift, joins the Influence Pros Podcast to examine the importance of keeping data analysis simple, the differing linguistics of varying generations, and the growing prominence of privacy settings on social media.

Jay Krall_InstagramShow Me the Data!

Do you get excited by data points and statistics?
So does the brilliant data king, Jay Krall. And thankfully, he’s willing to share his superior data aggregating skills with the Influence Pros Podcast today as he opens up about his belief in collecting lots of data, respecting privacy, and translating statistics into the simplest terms in order to reach deeper understandings.
DataSift is a privacy-first human data platform that protects identity while providing insights and translates data into action. Jay is also the product owner of Pylon, which lets you analyze what is being shared on Facebook while respecting privacy and maintaining consumer trust.

In This Episode

  • Why collecting the right type of data is essential to company growth
  • How to translate generational differences in order to better understand statistics
  • Why approaches to influencer marketing are shifting due to new data availability
  • How to simplify data aggregation in order to get the most out of your information
  • How to respect privacy while still gaining new insights to consumers


Quotes From This Episode

“Influence marketing is going to need to wrangle the shift towards non-public spaces and awareness by users of privacy.” —@jaykrall
“I think that metrics become more meaningful when you’re confident in the way data has been normalized and classified and credible and easy to understand.” —@jaykrall

“Not all of us are data scientists. I’m not. I’m a lay person. I’m a civilian. I like to just try to keep it simple. If it’s not something that you can explain in a few minutes to anyone in any function of a business, then it’s probably not serving its purpose in terms of analytics.” —@jaykrall

“I think engagement is a lot more meaningful in terms of both depth and quality.” —@jaykrall
“Many people are starting to be more conscious of how they share and what they share in public spaces online and that can make it harder to identify who is the source of this data.” —@jaykrall
“The most popular platforms, especially with younger users, are those that force us to speak in sound bits to an extent.” —@jaykrall



Would You Rather

Would you rather win the Nobel Peace Prize and none of the money associated with it, or simply receive the $1.2 million that comes with the prize as the gift but not get any recognition?
Wow. Well, I guess on the face of it, if I take the money, that looks a bit selfish. But I could turn around and do something philanthropic with the money. So, I think that’s probably the way I would go, because I think there are a lot of people that are better than me at using a big public platform to get a message out.
Would you rather control space or control time?
I would definitely rather control time. I’m of the opinion that time is the most precious resource that we have. I think how you spend your time is absolutely the most important thing in life.
Would you rather never return to the U.S. or move back to the U.S. and only get to go back to the U.K. once a year?
That’s a tough one. My wife’s going to listen to this. But I still have to say that I would have to move back here and only go to the U.K. once a year. I love living in the U.K., but all the people I care about who are here, I couldn’t give that up.

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