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Why Long-Term Collaborations Yield Greater ROI

Authors: Heidi Sullivan Kim Westwood
Posted Under: Influence Pros Podcast

Kim Westwood, Founder & Managing Director of Shopping Links, joins the Influence Pros Podcast to discuss finding the influencer that is the right fit for your brand, creating consistent messaging, and the perks of long-term collaborations.

kim-westwood_instagramIt’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Want to boost your ROI?
Who doesn’t?!
Kim Westwood believes that creating collaborations with influencers aimed at long-term partnerships will do just that. She believes that avoiding one-off contracts helps to build trust, authority, and more fruitful campaign results. Giving your influencer space to grow with your brand adds creativity and evergreen content to any marketing strategy. 
In addition, focusing on organic fit will create natural affiliate partnerships that will emerge when the influencer genuinely enjoys and believes in your brand.
Taking the time to find that perfect fit will give you a true ally and allow for endless possibilities for profits and success.
Shopping Links is a global influencer marketing platform that connects bloggers with fashion, lifestyle, and beauty brands for marketing collaborations. One of Australia’s fastest growing social media startups, Shopping Links has grown to work with over 950 brands who are using their platform including many household names like Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, and Nordstrom.

In This Episode

  • Why long-term relationships with influencers are so valuable
  • How to keep up with an ever-changing marketing landscape
  • Why it’s so important to find the right influencer for your brand
  • How to integrate the proper disclosure into any campaign
  • Why celebrity reach isn’t always the right choice over niche influencers


Quotes From This Episode

“One influencer who’s going to do amazingly for one brand is not necessarily going to do amazingly for another.” —@Shopping_Links
Now we see a lot of words like micro-influencers. I sometimes say they’re like citizen influencers. They could be a customer of a brand. They could be a mom at a school. They could be such a range of people.—@Shopping_Links
“Our platform is like a dating website crossed with a freelancer, crossed with a jobs website.” —@Shopping_Links
“It comes down to the brand and what they’re looking for. Are they looking to leverage that person’s name or looking to show other shoppers that this person is aligned in some way, to their brand, or are they looking for gorgeous imagery that, again, will elicit a response? I think it’s all important.” —@Shopping_Links

“I think disclosure is a big thing around that. How do you make sure you’re covering off the rules and regulations? Regardless of whether you’re a blogger in Australia or whether you’re a blogger in the U.K. or a blogger in the US.” —@Shopping_Links

“It just really depends on getting that right fit for the brand and making sure that we’ve had a conversation with them, or that they know and understand what they’re trying to achieve because sometimes they don’t really understand what they’re looking for when they start out.” —@Shopping_Links
“If the brand builds a really solid relationship with the influencer, there’s so much more return that they’ll see, whether that be sales, whether that be engagement, whether that be organically posting about the brand following a campaign.” —@Shopping_Links



Would You Rather

Would you rather be a vegetarian or only be able to eat meat?
I definitely think a vegetarian. I’m not a vegetarian, but I think personally I just find too much meat too heavy sometimes. I definitely think I would much prefer to eat a lot more greens.
Would you rather have your flight delayed by eight hours or lose your luggage?
Definitely delayed by eight hours. I could not bear my shoes to go missing anywhere. So I definitely would prefer to be delayed, and plus I’d probably just work wherever I was anyway.
Would you rather be a master of every musical instrument or be fluent in every language?
Fluent in every language. I love music, and I think it’s totally amazing and it has its own beauty, but I think language. I think as we see more globalization and I think if I could just speak Mandarin right now I would totally be super thankful for that. But no, I definitely think being able to speak every language would be amazing.

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