How to Activate Your Employees As Social Media Advocates

Jason Spencer, Social Media Community Manager at Humana, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss engaging nontraditional, uniquely qualified audiences by crafting a successful employee social advocacy program.

In This Episode:

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jason-spencer-instagramSocial Wellness and Advocacy

Being one of the first major healthcare providers to market on social platforms comes with its own unique set of challenges. From staying HIPAA compliant with protected personal information to keeping sensitive medical history out of public online spaces, social media is a minefield that many healthcare organizations avoid.

A combination of dedicated social customer care teams, a positive relationship with the legal department, and a formal employee advocacy training program has helped Jason maintain HIPAA compliance while cultivating a pool of pre-qualified prospects with a concrete connection to Humana.

He has also positively changed the perception of Humana’s brand by meeting customers where they are most comfortable online.

As a result of Jason’s tools and expertise, Humana has found a way to stay safe on social while keeping engagement flowing naturally which has given them a huge competitive edge up in the marketplace.

In This Episode

  • How the rise of social is leading to a huge shift in customer care
  • Why developing a good relationship with customers means closing the loop on social
  • How the well-thought out addition of a new platform leads to a changed perception of your brand
  • Why employee advocacy does not mean social selling


Quotes From This Episode

“As new and emerging social channels come about, we want to make sure that we are active in that space.” —@jasonwspencer

“We are seeing a significant increase of customer service on social channels.” —@jasonwspencer

Bots will never replace a real conversation, but consumers also want to engage with a bot. What does that handoff look like?” —@jasonwspencer

“Allowing associates to talk about the brand gives us more reach and engagement.” —@jasonwspencer

“We’re able to get our messaging in front of more people, a better-qualified audience that is going to care about what people are sharing.” —@jasonwspencer

We want to limit the Humana branded focused content, so we are not overwhelming employees or their followers.” —@jasonwspencer

“The more that they can put the shares in their own voice, the better.” —@jasonwspencer



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