How to Avoid Major Influencer Marketing Mistakes

How to Avoid Major Influencer Marketing Mistakes

Neal Schaffer, President of PDCA Social, speaks about leveraging influencers in your marketing efforts and how to effectively navigate through ‘the age of influence.’

In This Episode:

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The Age of Influence How to Avoid Major Influencer Marketing Mistakes

If you want people to hear about your brand and talk about your brand, you need to leverage influencers as part of your marketing.

Neal Schaffer, the President of PDCA Social and a leading authority on digital transformation, believes that brands should view influencer marketing as a commitment, not just a campaign. Social media has given a voice to all types of followers with different audiences. Chances are, there is an ideal influencer out there who has the influence and authority to help put your brand in front of the right people.

Neal Schaffer knows exactly how you can identify and engage with the right influencers for your brand and openly shares his best tips to help you create and implement a highly effective influencer marketing plan – including some major influencer marketing mistakes you might want to avoid!

In This Episode:

  • 06:05 – What ‘the age of influence’ means for brands, business owners, and marketers
  • 08:03 – How Neal defines influence
  • 12:08 – How B2B brands can leverage influencer marketing
  • 16:27 – Tips to help you identify the right influencer for your brand
  • 19:53 – How to work effectively with influencers
  • 22:45 – What departments of an organization should have a role in managing a successful influencer marketing strategy
  • 25:32 – Advice for leveraging influencers during COVID-19
  • 27:45 – Why you should focus on turning influencers into brand advocates
  • 31:02 – How to structure your ‘influencer marketing budget’

Quotes From This Episode:

“Influencer marketing should be a core activity for every organization” @NealSchaffer

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