How to Become a Human Social Media Swiss Army Knife

How to Become a Human Social Media Swiss Army Knife

Jay Maldonado, Director of Social Media at SurveyMonkey, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss how brands can create an agile social media plan that is also socially conscious.

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Becoming a Social Media Swiss Army Knife“As you rise in your social media career, you will wear many hats.” Jay Maldonado, Director of Social Media, SurveyMonkey

The very nature of social media is flexible and can change at any moment. That’s why it’s so important to have many tricks up your sleeve when creating a social media strategy.

Jay Maldonado, Director of Social Media at SurveyMonkey, says that flexibility and wearing many hats are the keys to becoming a top social pro.

In this episode of Social Pros, Jay discusses why all social media teams should have a “living doc” for their strategy that you can change when needed. He talks about why it’s important to have great leadership and a team that really believes in the power of social media.

Jay also discusses why you need to be sensitive and open to learning to have genuine and authentic conversations over social media.

In This Episode:

  • 7:52 – How sometimes social pros don’t leverage social media for themselves
  • 9:14 – How Jay manages marketing to a broad SurveyMonkey audience
  • 11:47 – How social comes to life at SurveyMonkey
  • 13:15 – Why all social media strategies should have a “living doc”
  • 15:28 – How to create an agile social strategy
  • 20:38 – How to ask the right questions in social media
  • 22:45 – Jay’s advice for social pros to navigate important social issues
  • 26:15 – Jay’s tips for social pros to use data better
  • 30:33 – SurveyMonkey’s recent study into mental wellness in the workplace
  • 33:25 – Choosing the best social media channels to market your brand
  • 35:54 – The importance of leadership and a great team
  • 38:32 – Jay’s one tip for becoming a social pro

Quotes From This Episode:

Data is very, very important. People will put a heavy emphasis on content. But if you're doing content right, it should come from an informed place. Click To Tweet

“You have to be 100% open to changing your channel strategy or the volume of effort you put into each channel.” – @Jwmaldonado

“We have to create social media strategies and campaigns that exist outside of business priorities because it’s about what’s going on culturally right now in the world.” – @Jwmaldonado


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