How to Create a Successful Daily Livestream Show

How to Create a Successful Daily Livestream Show

Joseph Jaffe, host and showrunner of the “Joseph Jaffe is not Famous” show (formerly CoronaTV), joins this episode of Social Pros to share his insights and tips on creating a successful livestream show.

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The Power of ConsistencyHow to Create a Successful Daily Livestream Show

What does it take to run a successful daily livestream show?

Joseph Jaffe, host and showrunner of the “Joseph Jaffe is not Famous” show (formerly CoronaTV), joins this episode of Social Pros to take us behind the scenes.

Joseph has been consistently creating content every day, Monday through Thursday, for a show that aims to spread hope, positivity, optimism, “and if there’s time left over, a lil bit of marketing.”

He explains why content consistency is “branding 101” and why you should commit to a new livestreaming venture for a minimum of two years.

Joseph shares how he got started and what his plans are for the future of his show. He also explores the importance of community, why he considers his fans “family,” and why he’s made a commitment to diversity on his shows.

In This Episode:

  • 5:32 – Why Joseph chose a daily livestream show format
  • 8:11 – Why Joseph chose to create videos rather than a podcast
  • 10:30 – How to stream across multiple social platforms
  • 13:14 – How “Joseph Jaffe is not Famous” has evolved over the past year
  • 16:49 – The delicate balance of interacting with viewers and managing a community
  • 19:44 – How the livestreaming format produces a different type of energy and audience engagement
  • 21:49 – Why Joseph focuses not on data but the quality of his content
  • 26:50 – Joseph’s approach to marketing his show and using the subscription model
  • 30:48 – How Joseph plans to repurpose his existing content during his hiatus
  • 34:44 – Who should and shouldn’t commit to a daily livestream show
  • 40:40 – Committing to a livestream show as an individual vs. as a business
  • 42:52 – Joseph’s top tip for those looking to become a social pro

Quotes From This Episode:

Every company possesses someone who is a potential livestreaming show host. Let that person identify themselves. Click To Tweet

“You’re battling the algorithm for the most part. So there is a way out of that, right? It’s all through subscription. Everything I do now is to incentivize people to subscribe to the show.”

“We are still living in a world of the drop-in. Drop-in audio is what they called Clubhouse at the beginning. People drop in and they drop out. And so you’re actually getting pockets of attention.”


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