How to Diversify Your Content Strategy for Maximum Success

Joe Chernov, VP of Marketing at InsightSquared, joins the podcast to discuss horizontal content integration, measuring the value of enablement content, and helping companies find their balance between pure inbound marketing and ABM.

In This Episode:

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Finding Balance in Every Strategy

Joe Chernov comes to the Content Pros Podcast this week from InsightSquared, a sales performance analytics software product. In other words, it’s business intelligence for the rest of us.

Prior to working at InsightSquared, Joe served as VP of Marketing at several successful businesses, including Hubspot, Eloqua, and Kinvey.

Joe brings a wealth of knowledge and experience surrounding the importance of balance in a company’s content strategy—a balance between not only quantity and quality, but also between ABM (account-based marketing) and inbound marketing. He stresses that despite marketers’ tendencies to work in extremes, finding balance in content strategy is the key to achieving innovation and success.

No matter how uncomfortable it may seem, operating in the gray area that this new balance creates is necessary, says Joe. Additionally, by supporting a horizontal marketing strategy over a vertical one, Joe redefines the elements that measure content success to provide new insight and relevance.

In This Episode

  • How to flip content marketing from vertical function to horizontal function
  • How to provide quality content for all stages of the funnel and convince your superiors to support it
  • Working with sales reps for better use of enablement content
  • Finding balance between pure ABM and pure inbound marketing for mid-sized companies
  • Finding balance between quantity and quality in content marketing
  • Redefining content success with the rise of the ABM model


Quotes From This Episode

“There’s a lot of religion around this topic and, to some degree, I think it’s a false choice. You need enough content of a certain quality to drive the business. There reaches a point of diminishing returns on the quality side, and I imagine there reaches a point of no return on the quantity side.” —@jchernov

“Marketers tend to like to go all-in on something, right? We tend to be binary. You’re a content marketer or a demand gen marketer. We tend to define ourselves fairly narrowly and be more comfortable in extremes. But I do think that for the vast majority of companies, they’re going to have to find a setting along that spectrum between pure inbound and pure ABM that they’re comfortable with and live with that. It’s going to be uncomfortable, but for most companies it’s the only answer.” —@jchernov

“In the past, my definition of quality was a little different. It had to do with how beautiful it was, how unique it was, how fresh it was. Now quality to me is the uniqueness of the data contained in the content.” —@jchernov

“If you take good at-bats, the stats are going to follow. But if you chase the stats, you’re going to start to screw up your swing; you’re going to start to screw up your approach at the plate. And I really think there’s a parallel in the business world to taking quality at-bats and then just trusting that the results will follow.” —@jchernov



What did you want to be when you grew up?

For young Joe Chernov, it was less “what” than “who” he wanted to be:

“I wanted to be Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. I would purse my lips to try to look as much like Steven Tyler as I could. I wanted to be that guy.”

And though that dream has perhaps passed for Joe, there may be hope for the next generation of Chernovs. “I have two kids and one of them is six and he spent the last year in drum lessons. While I can’t get him to play the Aerosmith songs, he is playing AC/DC songs. So I get the biggest kick out of it; seeing my childhood rock star dreams, the seeds being planted at this young age. He told me the other day, ‘I used to want to be a paleontologist, but now I just want to be a rock star.’ So it was about the best thing I’ve ever heard.”

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