How to Find Content in Your Data

Robyn Itule, Senior Manager of Brand, Content, and Communications at Insight, joins the Content Pros Podcast to discuss the unlikely source for your best content and the dangers of being too present.

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robyn-itule-instagramDangerously Relevant

It’s common knowledge that reading and curating content is like drinking water from a firehose. With a seemingly never-ending cascade of new information, new technology, and new trends to stay on top of, it can feel like a frantic rat race to capture and hold your customer’s attention.

However, there is danger in being too responsive to “the now” of content, especially when you are in a major B2B marketplace.

Things change. Trends go away. Technology evolves. But your content lives on in spite of it.

Becoming a subject matter expert on a hot topic of today could leave you out in the cold when the world moves on next week. Customers searching back in time on your blog may walk away thinking you are an expert on being inaccurate or a master flip-flopper. Neither one bodes well for sealing the deal.

Robyn advises, amongst other things, caution when touting your expertise on the topic de jour and keeping in mind that you are responsible for what your customer thinks of your content.

In This Episode

  • How learning leads to conversations and sales
  • Why meaningful content means connecting your readers to a meaning that you define
  • How the industry you’re working with leads to different approaches to content
  • Why measuring successful content means looking as far into the funnel as possible
  • How focusing on the now of content leads to complicated contradictions down the line


Quotes From This Episode

“When anyone goes to make a technology purpose, the place that they start is with research and learning.” —@RCItule

Storytelling is really not about us.” —@RCItule

“At the end of the day, storytelling is about the success of our clients.” —@RCItule

“The lens that you’re looking through is just as important as the thing that you’re looking at through that lens.” —@RCItule

“What do we share that makes it useful and actionable?” —@RCItule

“When we’re creating good content, we’re actually connecting people to meaning.” —@RCItule

“Different industries have radically different approaches and needs from the technology they’re evaluating.” —@RCItule

“We’re really tied into driving demand that meets people at the right time.” —@RCItule

“There is not a single source of truth anymore.” —@RCItule

“To be able to capture a small slice of somebody’s day is a really powerful thing.” —@RCItule

“The brand is the sum of all experiences.” —@RCItule



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