How to Give Your Content the Legs to Run a Marathon

Pamela Muldoon, Revenue Marketing Coach for The Pedowitz Group, joins the Content Pros Podcast to share her approach to keeping content relevant, impactful, and manageable beyond the campaign.

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pamela-muldoon-instagramTaking Your Content the Extra Mile

We pour hours of our time and endless amounts of energy into creating single pieces of content that address particular concerns or work towards a certain goal (sales, campaign, metrics, etc.). But what happens to that content once the goal is met? Does it live to see another campaign?

Pamela believes that content has multiple lives to lead along our buyer’s journey. By thoughtfully repurposing old content, you not only save time and money, but you also ensure all your buyers find stories that appeal to them and help them along the funnel to conversion.

In addition to being budget and prospect friendly, considering old content an opportunity instead of an archive means never running out of material. Writer’s block becomes a thing of the past as you can almost always reframe a previous conversation for a new persona.

But for a content marketer to harness the full power of content recycling, they must have organization, dedication, and a champion that understands the impact of properly framed conversations.

In This Episode

  • Why being a subject matter expert means putting content updates into your workflow
  • How reframing content for individual personas leads to a fresh, impactful look at old ideas
  • Why an endless supply of content means revisiting what you already have
  • How an internal content champion leads to successful campaigns in even the most regulated of industries


Quotes From This Episode

“You’ve got to take care of your own content as an agency.” —@pamelajmuldoon

“It’s extremely important to do good content, do valuable content, whatever that means for your audience, but then also test and measure if it’s working.” —@pamelajmuldoon

“The definition of a white paper is different for every client.” —@pamelajmuldoon

“If you’re going to put your stamp on something, make sure you find a way to workflow it so you can continue to be more innovative and on top of your game.” —@pamelajmuldoon

“The research is only as good as the participation.” —@pamelajmuldoon

“We’re starting to take a new approach to old content.” —@pamelajmuldoon

“You’re never going to run out of content ideas.” —@pamelajmuldoon

“The elements of really great content don’t change.” —@pamelajmuldoon

“We’re all doing the right thing; we just have to do it smarter and do it in parallel.” —@pamelajmuldoon



Content Pros Lightning Round

What’s your favorite streaming music site? Pandora or SiriusXM

Favorite gift to give or receive? Giving our kids round-trip airfare to visit us after we moved away

What’s the most interesting voiceover job you ever had? A sales training module for the Mercedes C Coupe

Is there a cartoon character that you always wish you could do? Either the old school Bugs Bunny era of cartoons or Pinky & The Brain

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