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How to Integrate Influencer Campaigns With the Rest of Your Marketing

Authors: Heidi Sullivan Rachael Cihlar
Posted Under: Influence Pros Podcast
About Influence Pros Podcast:

Influence Pros is the weekly show where professionals learn about case studies and success stories in the fast-growing world of influencer and advocate marketing. Hosted by Heidi Sullivan of Cision and Julianna Vorhaus of TapInfluence, the show chronicles how B2C and B2B companies are working with online influencers and customer advocates to grow reach, engagement, and conversions. View all shows—including free downloadable resources—at

Rachael Cihlar, Director of Influence Strategy at TapInfluence, joins the Influence Pros Podcast to discuss the best way to select influencers, plan your strategy, and integrate influencer marketing with the rest of your marketing.

rachael-cihlar_instagramBring Marketing Together

Unifying and tying together all your marketing tactics might be challenging, but it’s entirely worth it.
At least that’s what Rachael Cihlar believes. She encourages all savvy marketers to maximize their influencer marketing campaigns by integrating them with their broader brand message and the rest of their marketing.
Rachael asserts that this is a clever way to reuse great content and benefit from evergreen posts to draw in consumers. She also advises to be strategic and plan goals ahead of time, and reminds us that it takes time to find and select the absolute best influencer for your brand.
TapInfluence is a marketing automation solution for agencies and brands. It centralizes influencer marketing into a single SaaS platform. The organization prides itself on being the best sources of data, insights, expertise, automated influencer marketing campaigns, and a fully vetted marketplace in influencers.

In This Episode

  • Why evergreen influencer marketing content pays off
  • How to select an influencer that is the highest match for your brand
  • Why it’s important to take the time to get to know your influencer’s content
  • How to create a full strategy before engaging your influencer
  • Why it’s key to integrate your influencer campaign into the rest of your marketing


Quotes From This Episode

“One of the benefits of using influencers is that their content is evergreen and that it can live on for a very long time.” —@raisinann
“Influencers are an extension of your brand and so they need to match the persona that you have online.” —@raisinann
“My advice is to look at the influencers who you really love and who you want to work with and develop a test program with them and test the types of message that you want to amplify during the holidays and the types of content you want to create, see what performs the best and then optimize from there.” —@raisinann
“Micro has a huge potential, especially if you look into B2B and if they start to get more involved in influencer marketing, then you need to find these subject matter experts but they might not have millions of followers, but that’s okay because if you can reach 10 really engaged consumers, that might be of more benefit to your brand.” —@raisinann

“Don’t just use these influencers in a silo, but make it part of your whole marketing mix because there’s so much value in not only developing these relationships, but utilizing that fantastic content that they create, because that helps marketers save time and money when they’re trying to find content for their email campaigns or for their ad campaigns or even general topics that they know what works with influencers, then maybe they want to bring it into their other forms of advertising.” —@raisinann

“When selecting influencers, I look at three things: what type of content do they create, who is their audience, and what is their performance.” —@raisinann
“Always plan ahead, secure that budget, and definitely get the influencers’ opinion.” —@raisinann
“I think it’s a great idea to come in with a really high-level strategy and then leave it open to interpretation for the influencer to decide what’s going to fit best on their channels and for their audience.” —@raisinann



Would You Rather

Would you rather be given $1 million or the power to speak every single language on Earth?
Definitely the power to speak every language on Earth. I studied Spanish in college and so I was a dual major between Spanish and international trade, and I always pictured myself living abroad for quite some time and working with international businesses.
Would you rather be uncomfortably hot or uncomfortably cold?
I would much rather be uncomfortably cold. I think that Jules would disagree with me here. There’s something about being hot that I just cannot stand.
Would you rather the zombies be smart and slow or fast and dumb?
Fast and dumb. I like to think that I’m somewhat smart, so maybe I could outsmart the zombies. I’m not fast, so that argument doesn’t really help me. I think I’d rather them be dumb because I think that as humans we can probably outthink them and come up with a way to stop them.

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