How to Make Advertising Unnecessary

How to Make Advertising Unnecessary

I share a mouth-watering story about a successful hamburger restaurant in Sacramento who have never spent a penny on advertising.

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Jay Baer

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Is it possible to run a successful restaurant business without spending a penny on advertising?

Maybe if you’ve got a remarkable menu serving dishes fit for royalty you can. But, when you’re a burger restaurant selling the same product as thousands of other restaurants in the city, you’ll need more than a delicious hamburger to drive hungry customers through the door.

On this episode of The Talk Triggers Show, I share a mouth-watering story about a hamburger restaurant in Sacramento whose burgers were named 29th best in America by USA Today.

Oh, and that’s not the story that has the people of Sacramento talking. Although it helps, it’s not the reason why this restaurant has never spent a penny on advertising since the day they opened. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is no joke.

How do they do it?

Discover the answer on episode 15 of The Talk Triggers Show!

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