How to Master Facebook Ads and Messenger Bots

How to Master Facebook Ads and Messenger Bots

Amanda Robinson, the Founder of The Digital Gal, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss her new book, “Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing,” and the power of messenger chatbots, and why more businesses need to embrace this incredible technology.

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Find Your Social Media SuperpowerHow to Master Facebook Ads and Messenger Bots

Everyone has a superpower. You could be a master on Instagram, a LinkedIn expert, or a pro at social media marketing. Whatever your superpower is, you need to find it and leverage it. However, although your powers may reside with one social platform, you need to know what’s going on around you.

Amanda Robinson, the Founder of The Digital Gal, suggests that every social pro must identify their superpower and then strive to understand other platforms. If you just operate in your lane, you won’t be prepared to handle something unexpected up ahead.

In this episode, we talk to Amanda, The Digital Gal herself, about her new book, “Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing,” and how to use Facebook ads and messenger bots for maximum results. Many people misconstrue messenger bots to be invasive and problematic. According to Amanda, that’s not what a messenger bot is at all – “A messenger bot is about giving – giving back to people, giving value, giving a better experience, & giving faster information.

In This Episode:

  • 04:16 – The challenges of writing a book about social media
  • 06:24 – Why you need to find your social media superpower while having general knowledge about other platforms
  • 09:47 – What people are doing wrong on social media
  • 13:59 – What messenger marketing chatbots are and what you need to know about them
  • 21:59 – How to manage messenger marketing chatbots
  • 26:02 – How to measure the performance of chatbots
  • 30:58 – How to convince others about the value and importance of chatbots
  • 33:30 – How Amanda’s workshop students differ from those that came before

Quotes From This Episode:

“You need to have a specialty and really understand one or two platforms in depth but have awareness of the skills that are required outside of that.”

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