How to Safely and Legally Curate Content

Ruth Carter, writer and Attorney/Owner at Carter Law Firm, joins the Content Pros Podcast with legal information on the tricky areas of content creation and curation and how scheduling content can literally pay off.

In This Episode:

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ruth-carter-instagramAre You Staying Safe With Your Content?

The internet is a murky swamp when it comes to navigating the legal rights and wrongs of content. Curation tools make it all too easy to accidentally plagiarize content, and it’s hard to keep track of current copyright rules.

Ruth’s experience in creating content and working as a lawyer has provided her with the skills and knowledge necessary to share insightful information to help you stay on a safe path while keeping your materials profitable.

For content to be profitable, it needs to be both scheduled and relevant. An output of posts that are reliably produced and of high quality will drive customers to you more so than networking or cold calling.

When it comes to being safe online, the fine print is your friend! Carefully reviewing terms and conditions, citing original sources, and liberal use of disclaimers can help steer you out of harm’s way.

While this isn’t legal advice, it’s legal information that will get you on the right path to clear content.

In This Episode

  • How a strict content schedule pays for itself over time
  • Why building a client base means creating content instead of networking
  • How using the tools of content curation can lead to shaky copyright ground
  • Why determining legal ownership of content means examining the who and what of it first
  • How the incorrect order of words when it comes to FTC disclosures can lead to a possible five-figure fine


Quotes From This Episode

“How can we continue to push the envelope without crossing the line?” —@rbcarter

Sometimes the bug just hits you, and you have to write and create in the moment.” —@rbcarter

“Even when I think I have nothing to say, there is always content that’s worth creating.” —@rbcarter

“People look for us online.” —@rbcarter

It’s not just about creation anymore. It’s about being willing to be a part of a community and interact with the audience.” —@rbcarter



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Two rules of thumb for posting content online:

  1. Don’t post anything that you wouldn’t put on the front page of the newspaper.
  2. Assume everything you post will be seen by the following four people:

Your best friend.

Your worst enemy.

Your boss.

Your mother.

If you don’t want one of those people seeing what you’re posting, don’t put it out there.

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