How to Sell on Social When You’re Not Trying to Sell

Richard Margetic, Former Director of Global Business at Intuit, joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss social media’s role at different stages of the sales funnel and throughout every department of an organization.

In This Episode:

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Richard Margetic - InstagramDoing Digital Since it Began

Richard Margetic has served as the Director of Global Social Business at both Intuit and Dell over the past several years. He has since struck out on his own as a global social media strategy consultant with a brand new company, 4C Social.

Richard has always been interested in digital, ever since digital first came out. In the early 90s, he was working at an interactive media company leading infomercials. He started working to get small businesses up on the web, which resulted in him working for Sidewalk, a Microsoft operation.

From the mid-90s until now, he has been working with businesses to help them understand how to take advantage of the web (and now, more specifically social media) to grow their business. He has truly watched social media evolve from the start and continues to help businesses use it to its full potential.

In This Episode

  • How social media has changed branding
  • Google’s attempts at social media channels and why they failed
  • Why businesses need a full understanding of social media’s impact on their organization across the board (not just in marketing)
  • Who, in a company, should take responsibility for social
  • Transparency’s impact in social, even with negative reviews
  • Humanity’s need to be social and how it’s gone digital


Quotes From This Episode

“The business has the business data. The agencies might have the social insights. But marrying those two things together is required in order to be successful integrating social into the business.” —@ByJove

“Social needs to be embedded throughout the fabric of the company in order for it to truly be effective. Limiting it to just marketing—or limiting it to communications, or even limiting it to its own little silo, its own center of excellence with however it reports up—without having the infiltration into the rest of the company results in, ultimately, if not failure, it’s going to be less than optimal.” —@ByJove

“The first question is, ‘Explain to me why we’re doing social at all. Why are we spending even one penny on this?’ If you don’t have a good answer for that, then we’ve got to back up the bus a little bit.” —@jaybaer

“The idea that social and sales are connected is actually factual.” —@ByJove

“If you lead with, ‘I’m here to answer any of your questions. I see that you’re interested in purchasing this. We’ve got content here that will give you some insights into it,’ or even point to third party content that gives them reviews for the rest and creating a dialogue, that lead is more likely to convert. Every step along the way, you need to be conscious of where the customer is in their path and align social relationships with where they are.” —@ByJove

“We need to have the right balance of what I call purposeful edutainment. You’ve got to be entertaining, you’ve got to be educational, but it’s also got to have purpose.” —@adamcb

“The closer you can get to the correlation between social activity and matching that data up to business metrics on an organization scale, the more optimized you are going to be in using social and actually truly becoming a social business.” —@ByJove



See you next week!

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